View Full Version : What bellhousing do I have?

9th September 2009, 04:09 PM
I've just spent time degreasing and painting my bellhousing, and it looks great - only problem is it doesn't fit my gearbox!

It's a Type 9 from an xr4i, so has the longer input shaft. I've bought the adaptor from Caterham to account for the extra length.

The circular register on the gearbox that the bellhousing fits on is 112mm diameter, and it's the same on the adaptor and the gaskets, but the corresponding hole in the bellhousing is 108mm, thus the two won't fit together.

It's definately a ford bellhousing, as it has ford casting marks in it.

I thought all ford bellhousings were interchangeable, so does anyone know what I have?



9th September 2009, 05:54 PM
A photo would be handy, but I was under the impression the T5 and type 5 had a different bellhousing to the type 9. I stand ready to be corrected.