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twinturbo 15th November 2018 07:36 PM

Plan for 2019...
So my build has been a bit slow for the last few years, lots going on and a lack enthusiasm for IVA...

But now I have a "Day Van" and have also bought a 16ft twinaxle transporter, which was generally intended to haul a few cars home a year for parting out...

But I think we will look at getting the haynes track ready and then take it up to Kames for a few of their track days.

That way we can begin the shake down and actualy get some fun out of it without getting it past Mr VOSA...

It may end up staying that way ( With my car (beloved to me) the wife's car practical, the van , and my Sierra (owned 24 years) .... having another road car is rather a burden..


rpjg1975 15th November 2018 07:42 PM

Definitely not the worst burden in the world :D


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