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Doogle 28th December 2010 10:08 PM

Sapphire GLS For Sale
Selling my donor car as Im not going to get round to starting my roadster project now. Had to spend my chassis money on my van so the sierra might as well go :(
Its a 1991 J reg. Sapphire GLS, in red so it goes faster! (Fact) and 3 previous owners (IOW registered from new)
Its the DOHC 2.0 EFI so maybe not to everyones taste but has discs all round and starts and runs really well. 119k on the clock. I also have V5 in my name though no tax or mot.
I have started selling some parts, only cosmetic bits but everything works, or did, not that the majority of it is needed. (headlight washers, windows etc) just a nice thing to know really.
For any more info, pics etc please feel free to contact me. Looking for 300 offered here first otherwise will end up on ebay.



Doogle 30th December 2010 10:30 PM

No body even interested in parts?

Talonmotorsport 30th December 2010 10:35 PM

It could be too close to chrimbo and new year Doug, might be worth another try towards the end of Jan when people get paid.

mark 31st December 2010 02:35 PM

I had a full sierra up for 250 on here a while back with no takers

So i stripped it down and put it on ebay with all the donor parts you need and the logbook, starting price of 199 and nobody was interested!

To say these cars are getting rare (a good usable engined one anyway) they are hard to get rid of!

People want things mega cheap especially near xmas so either put it up complete for 100 or sell it in parts

I made about 400 in total on ebay and on here from all the parts its just a pain to strip it down :rolleyes: even though it only took me 4hrs this time as saturn let me use their lift.

Talonmotorsport 31st December 2010 02:42 PM

I know a guy 3miles from me that has 6 sierra's sat alone his drive all covered in green mould. When my recovery is MOTed and taxed I'm off round to his with a fist full of cash.

mikemph 31st December 2010 02:44 PM

I need driveshafts, diff, steering column with stalks and key, uprights, rear brake assembly and hubs, handbrake etc

If you could stick it on a pallet I guess it would cost about 50 to get it sent. So all being well in the next week or so my toy car (vx220 turbo) is going and I will have the money to buy it off you.

Like you have said everyone is skint this time of year and times are hard.


Doogle 31st December 2010 06:43 PM

Thanks guys. I know its not an easy time of year for most people.
I will be breaking it now, a chap walked up the drive today, his cossy has been rear ended by somone uninsured and wondered what Im doing with it as he wants the bumper and boot lid so he can repair his, so my mind is made up.
If anyone wants to pm me with parts requests etc or may be easier to email or call me. If not sold it'll be scrapped.
Can courier, pallet or come to an arrangement regards parts, I may be popping back across the water soon or can put parts on the hovercraft for collection etc.

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