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gingea1pom 3rd October 2009 08:36 PM

Gingea1pom's Build Diary

3 Oct 09

I was actually watching paint dry! So I decided to start the build diary.

I need to go back a few weeks, I was in Halfords and saw the Bible by Chris Gibbs, I have wanted to build my own car for a few years now and Chris’s book looked like it could be in reach, financially. I stuck my CBR 600 track bike project on Ebay and also the bike lift to raise some cash as Miss Ginge, rightly so, said it was to be self funding. The bike went for £360 and the bike lift for £185. I spent £104.50 taxing the Range Rover then on Thursday the 1st of October things really got started, I took a load of rubbish from the garage down the tip and picked up an 8’ x 4’ sheet of MDF and some soft wood to brace the base board, on Friday I ordered the Steel box section from a place in Kent, 7 lengths of 25 x 25 box and 3 lengths of 19 x 19 delivered to Tidworth Wiltshire, including the VAT was £115 which I thought was really good. The only down side to the whole steel thing was they cant deliver until Monday 12th when I will be away, on the upside Nicky will be having her first day with the kids at school all day so she will be able to sit around waiting for my steel to rock up then stick it in the garage! I also got a moped through its MOT so that will go soon raising more cash.

Yesterday Friday 2nd I spent the afternoon and evening constructing the base board, at about 9pm I employed Nicky to help me flip it the right way up and I started to mark out the BR’s. I started with BR 12, 5 and 6, I measured in from the edge of the 1220mm board 51mm either side then, when I was checking my diagonals realised the board is actually 1222mm wide so BR12 was 1120mm long first lesson learnt. I sat back and had a brew and decided I need a ‘square’ as drawing 3 4 5 triangles at every 90º angle would take ages, I needed to paint the base board white and I need the longest rule I can find.

Finally I am up to today. I went to Wickes and purchased a 1m rule, 2m plasterer’s feather, a new expensive hacksaw frame and some blades, a small tin of white primer and some red oxide primer. The red oxide is for the steel when it arrives as any steel in the garage will oxidise in 2 weeks. The white primer has already been applied to the base board and I am waiting for that to dry and will apply a second coat. I couldn’t find a ‘square’ I liked! So once the second coat has dried I will make one out of some L section steel I have lying around.

It is now 8pm and the kids have gone to bed. I spent all afternoon constructing my 3,4,5 triangle to give me a true 90º, it was good practice in cutting accurately and a chance to dust of the welder, all went well. The primer on the base board has not really dried so it is not getting a second coat and I don’t think I will get to mark out tonight, I have all week as no steel, then I will be away during the week for six weeks so only work at the weekend BUT I then have the whole of December off work so I should be able to plough ahead. I have my lap top in the garage playing radio two whilst reading the forum as Strictly is on and it does my head in.

A bit of a rambling first instalment, I shall try and keep it to the point when I actually start building something. I am going to take some pictures of a white base board and a 3,4,5 triangle!

I was going to embed the pictures in the post but couldn't work it out so they are on photobucket in the link in my signature, dont get exited there is only 5 pictures!:D

HandyAndy 3rd October 2009 08:51 PM

:D sounds like you have a great Mrs , don,t tell me she,ll be applying the red oxide paint whilst you,re away is she ???:D

seriously... the very best of luck with your build, :cool:


gingea1pom 3rd October 2009 08:56 PM

Cheers Andy,

I hope she sticks it in the garage. I can see this 'me working in the garage all weekend' honeymoon ending soon, especially when I am away all week and only here for the weekend.

HandyAndy 3rd October 2009 09:14 PM

simple solution :D

your mrs cuts the steel , kids bring each bit to you & you weld it together :cool: quality family time together & the Roadster gets built double quick ;)

i must admit it does help to get the "other half onboard", my mrs is creating the dash panel ( covering it in vinyl etc ), she chose the material/colour/texture , just hope its not pink fluffy stuff:eek:

all the best


gingea1pom 3rd October 2009 09:36 PM

My misses has this miss guided idea that she will be sat in the roadster wearing a head scarf as we bumble along the lanes,:D it is not quite the image I have.:eek: She is happy at the moment because the garage and the loft got cleared out and she has total control of the TV all evening.

James my eldest (6) keeps popping in the garage with his eyes shut as I have told him I have to weld the chassis together and he knows not to look at a welding arc, then he looks at the big white board and my triangle and leaves. We will se how long the harmony lasts.

londonsean69 4th October 2009 01:40 AM


Originally Posted by HandyAndy (Post 22652)
i must admit it does help to get the "other half onboard",

Mine keeps calling it 'Her car'. She raced a Caterham once upon a time, and thinks that it must be for her.

Although that does help when I explain her posh dinner went on a set of alloys:D


HandyAndy 4th October 2009 10:59 AM

:D Hey Ginge....

i,ve just looked at your build photo,s, can you come to my garage & keep all my tools that tidy please , i always lose the 17mm socket :eek:


gingea1pom 4th October 2009 11:20 AM


Honestly I can’t see it lasting,:( every one who has see the board of tools and knows me has laughed.:D Wait for a picture two months down the road.:eek:

HandyAndy 4th October 2009 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by gingea1pom (Post 22664)

Honestly I can’t see it lasting, every one who has see the board of tools and knows me has laughed. Wait for a picture two months down the road.

:D i didn,t want to say that but thought it :p

its a good start tho & it,ll help i,m sure, i keep telling myself to make a tool board but never seem to have time, maybe cos i,m too busy looking for my tools :o :D


gingea1pom 4th October 2009 06:53 PM

4 Oct 09

It is Sunday and I am on duty at work, what with the GP to watch and a band saw I am watching on ebay ending today I can’t see me doing to much plus I have no steel to work with I might get some marking out done.

Watched the Grand Prix and had roast lunch then spent the next four hours marking out my new base board, all done now and diagonals checked (spot on). 13 days to wait until I am able to get to work on cutting and welding.

This course I am on for six weeks has a week at the start that I might not have to do so I shall ring up on Monday and see if I can get out of it then will be here when the steel turns up and will be able to work on the chassis for a week and a weekend, fingers crossed. Bit more tiding

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