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garyout 6th November 2018 08:34 PM

Good evening all

After some advice, I want to order my wheels for my build, so its got mx5 running gear equinox bodywork my question is what size have people fitted i.e. what size rims offset width etc I want them to fill the rear arches and not look stupid.

Cheers Gary

twinturbo 7th November 2018 08:35 PM

It will all depend massively on your build and the arches and clearances.

Do you have the MX5 donor wheels??? I would start with them.

The cars don't need massively wide wheels for grip or large diameter to exert breaking force.

Too wide and your steering will be unhelpfully heavy and tramline badly.

Too big and you risk smashing bodywork over bumps.

15" on mine, 7J IIRC. Off a mondeo or something.

Also check what tyres are available for the given size, some combinations are expensive


Ianr 8th November 2018 08:28 AM

I am a member of EAKCC and at a meet earlier this year I noted all the 7's of any type had Toyo T1R tyres fitted except one which had Yokohamas on and all except one was fitted with 195/50 x r15 tyres. The one size different was mine with 195/45 x r15. (I chose this size as I was offered the complete set new for 90). The makes of the 20 or so cars included Birkin, Westfield, GBS, Tiger and two Haynes cars. Various makes of alloys but mainly Ford fitment standard alloys and similar sizes on the Mazda based ones.

garyout 9th November 2018 06:10 PM


I think i will go with the mx5 wheels to start with then and go from there, I was thinking of 195/50 sort of width 14 or 15 inch.


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