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andysredmini 16th November 2011 02:56 PM

Mx5 Build Transmission Tunnel
Iím currently working on the transmission tunnel on my mx5 based build from the Saturn guide.

I canít seem to fathom how the new cut pieces go together.
So far i have welded in
both TT1's (2 part) to the new amendments
TT2 & TT3
TT4, TT5 & TT6 (the mitred hoop)
TT9 & TT11

Iím stuck on TT6 & TT7

Am i correct in thinking that viewed from above the modified TT7's follow the line of the new TT1's but rise up to meet SB3?
And that the TT6ís will need mitred to suit and TT8 should be cut to fit between the TT7ís.

I was late last night when looking at this so I have probably missed something glaringly obvious that explains it all.I gave up in the end and decided to replace the liner in my welder instead of continuing. Wish I had never touched it. I ended up having to dismantle the gun and part of the machine and the new liner didnít even fit. 2 hours later i was no better off than when i started.



spud69 16th November 2011 04:09 PM

Hi Andy,

All the TT rails upto TT6,8 are as the book, TT1 and 7 stop just after TT6 uprights where the new TT1a and TT7a are cut and placed to meet BR12 and SB3 as book but a little wider for the diff input. The amended lengths are shown in red on the CAD jpg's on the guide.

There is a revision 3 going up onto the web page, just waiting for the web host to upload it for me.


andysredmini 16th November 2011 11:56 PM


I thought i had read that TT8 was as per the book and still 127mm.
Shows its best to quit while your ahead when your tired!



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