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Oscar 29th September 2011 10:25 AM

I've seen a few different variations of inlet mods, does the sump still need chopping if the manifold is shortened and the large bonnet is used?

rapidtornado 29th September 2011 01:10 PM

I've not shortened the sump on mine the bottom of the sump is currently sat 40mm from the bottom rail

Oscar 17th October 2011 09:24 PM

long break
Its been a little while since my last post on here, but don't worry, I am still working at it!

Latest progress: the majority of the frame is fully welded up to the seat back area. I haven't attatched U1 and 2 yet until I can set up the suspension mounts (haven't made them yet!)
I've started work on the rear suspension area now, with all the parts cut and the c shaped frames welded up.

One small issue: I'm a lazy git and haven't got round to sorting out the photos yet.
But I will do! Honest!!

Oscar 20th October 2011 10:54 AM

First photo?
Photo-0024 by Oscarss, on Flickr[/IMG]
Yes! I've finally got it figured out!!
As you can probly tell, this is the donor car. Before stripping...

Oscar 21st June 2012 11:56 AM

What?!?! How has it been so long!!!!!
Took me several minutes to find my own build thread, how has it been so long? :eek:

In my defence I have been slightly busy trying to finish a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Don't worry though, progress has been made!

Current position: Donor is fully stripped, chopped up and storred in the hedge till we have time for a scrap run.
Have made various parts at Uni whilst I still can (mushrooms, steering extensions, other parts from metal they have lying around ;) )
Chassis is coming along nicely, trany tunnel (MT75) is mostly welded with a couple of pieces fitted ready to weld.
All parts for rear end are cut waiting to weld.
All suspension mounts have been made, drilled, smoothed and prepped ready for welding.
Now waiting for some M12 threaded bar (ordered off fleabay) to arrive so I can make up the jig.
Others parts are lying around in various stages waiting for finishing or attatching.

Now I just need some good weather to weld in!

Wow, I might just have gotten this up to date! Deffinitely won't be leaving it so long between updates! :cool:

will_08 21st June 2012 09:03 PM

Good to see you pick your build up again Oscar, good luck!

Oscar 23rd June 2012 10:35 PM

More work!

Was able to get to Uni to use the equipment and used the Colchester lathe (Huge piece of kit!) to finish the mushroom inserts.

Also found a piece of 40mm dia steel which i machined down to 31 and 27 mm diameters for the upper wishbone ends. This is an extra mm on the desired dimentions so that I can clean it up on the smaller lathes that I'm better acquainted with!

Oh yeah, still waiting on the weather to get some welding done! :mad:

P.s. Pictures are on the way, just need to get round to uploading them! (might go do that now...)

Oscar 23rd June 2012 11:26 PM

Some Photos:

The Suspension mounts before I cut the ends off. They're simply made from a piece of box with holes drilled and then each chopped off the beam.

The Chassis from a while ago, now has most of the tranny tunnel in place.

The Donor car, mid-way through the final stage of dismantling:
I quite like the look of this!

Just realised how behind I am on photo taking, will remedy the problem tomorow! ;)

Oscar 27th June 2012 01:59 PM

End of the Donor:
The shell has finally been fully decomisioned and "stored" for later removal:

Should be safe here untill we have time to deal with it :D

Also, as promised, I've updated my supply of chassis records:

As you can see I've now got most of the tranny tunnel in place with the exception of one lower rail, this has been left off for now so that I can trial fit my gearbox; a 4wd mt75. This will be put in before painting happens!

Oscar 27th June 2012 02:08 PM

Last Item to bring me up to date: The Mushrooms!

These have taken me many hours to make, but I can now add another item to the list of pats that I've made meself:

They're a bit rough around the top, but I will be smoothing them off some more as soon as I have time, honest!

Wow! This brings me up to date!!! :eek:

Wait, no, one other thing; I'm now allowed to use one of the old calf sheds as my build area on the proviso that I do it up. This means I'm no longer dependant on the weather to get any welding done!

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