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garyout 27th August 2018 07:04 PM

oh!!!! I must admit I've done the same but it was the throttle cable that wore that one welding up a stabiliser bracket on a mini.

have you decided on charger or turbo yet?


norton 27th August 2018 07:09 PM

Turbo for sure, a charger is harder in my eyes however this is a long way off. How's yours doing?

garyout 27th August 2018 09:54 PM

slow mate bloody slow messed about with handbrake cables Saturday got to make some different brackets, I have now sussed out brake and clutch pedal return I used land rover 90 ones designed for it :D

I'm trying to focus on one job at a time


norton 27th August 2018 09:57 PM

I didnít use brake or clutch returns beyond the cylinder pressures/internal springs and they both feel great. The throttle pedal is a sod though. It needs more return spring pressure as well as a decent stop.

If you ever want to pop over to laugh at mine youíre very welcome :)

garyout 1st September 2018 05:22 PM

:) will have to take you up on your offer and its like ways


norton 5th January 2019 02:07 PM

I had a break. I became a bit miffed due to my scuttle top going concave and not being able to figure out why my ecu was losing crank signal.

I still haven't fixed these issues but to bump start my motivation I thought I'd jump ahead and start on the bit I'm most excited about.

Its a TD04L from an Impreza and applying one to an MX5 motor is a well trodden path I'll follow. I went with an external wastegate as I want to clock this in such a way as to make the installation a lot cleaner and to re use the original wastegate would mean welding threaded bosses to the compressor housing. I didn't realise the external gate was so large but that shouldn't be a problem. My exhaust was built with this in mind so a simple link tube should be easy to make to link it all up. Then its time to mount an intercooler, pipes, recirc valve, oil feed and drain plus some coolant pipes to the turbo core and then we're sorted!

norton 9th July 2019 07:26 PM


That table of bits has become a near complete turbo set up. I went with a water to air charge cooler as getting an air to air cooler was too much for my nose cone.

The boost pipework is pretty much done as is the exhaust side of things. I need to weld some bits to the radiators to mount them next before making the water pipework.

I was going to go with an external wastegate but decided to adapt the oem wastegate actuator instead.

Should be fun.

norton 9th July 2019 08:11 PM

twinturbo 18th July 2019 08:06 PM

Looking PRO.. nice :)


norton 19th July 2019 03:14 PM

Hey, I was trying to make is as compact as possible even if it means extra fabrication but so far, I'm really happy.

Can anyone tell me the rules with sharp edges under the dash? I'm dreading making an elaborate panel to blank it all off but if I have to then fine I guess.

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