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waynes world 10th May 2014 12:51 PM

Using a MX5 rear end on a registered kit, IVA ?
Sorry i should of put this here first in the correct section so.

Hi all, i am thinking on upgrading the rear end on my kit car, at the minute its is registered, but it is running a MK1 Escort rear axle on 5 link setup.
Now the idea is to swap that for a complete MX5 rear subframe, so subframe,diff, shafts hubs all but the Shocks, i will use the coil over i have so just new tabs for mounting them.

Question is, if i do this will it be back to an IVE test due to the work done?


Not Anumber 14th May 2014 11:59 AM

I'd start with the thought that no one is ever going to pull you over to check whether you have a live axle or IRS and no MOT tester will be interested. Though a V5 will show engine size and if it has auto transmission there is no entry for axle type

So long as you haven't changed chassis number there is nothing to worry about. Lots of people upgrade rear axles on classic cars to improve ride and handling. So long as the work is done well, the welding is sound and the brakes work it will be fine.

Its really only if you are changing chassis or very substantially altering an existing chassis that one needs to consider another IVA.

flyerncle 14th May 2014 01:35 PM

MOT test has no bearing on what has been changed or fitted as it's not part of any test or method of inspection,what it does say is that "any repair should be durable and of an acceptable standard with regard to welding etc".

the only time there would be a problem with brakes would possibly an IVA test if it was put in for one after the mods as the brake efforts may differ from original.

skov 14th May 2014 02:06 PM

Legally, I believe any change to the chassis of a registered car will require it to go through an IVA.
In reality you're unlikely to ever get caught out.

skov 14th May 2014 02:43 PM

Just been doing some quick reading up on this, and it seems to be a very muddy area...

Basically you need 8 points from the table below (and the chassis has to be 5 of those).
If you can't add up 8 points for your car it's classed as radically altered and you need an IVA and a new registration.

What isn't entirely clear is what level of chassis modification is allowed before it counts as no longer being original.
If you're just adding a couple of extra brackets to the chassis you're probably ok.
If you start cutting bits out of the chassis you're probably looking down the barrel of an IVA.

On a kit car however I suspect it's going to be very hard for anyone to prove or disprove which bits are original and which aren't, and I doubt anyone would even try.

waynes world 15th May 2014 02:34 PM

Thanks guys for the input and to agree with what my thoughts were on this, i have always seen it as no chassis can be altered at all, i have now been told i will need to cut one of the cross memebers out and moved.
I think i will just get a MX5 back end and see how it needs to go.

Justa thought, if somebody knows about these cars which is a Dutton Melos, it is registered on the V5 as a 1986 on a Q plate. if they see a MX5 subframe they could question about it as they were built back then, or any other car i think with that set up, oh the Jag did though i think.

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