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Davidbolam 25th July 2014 04:24 PM

Forward visibility
I've just been going over the car with the manual and cannot see how my car will pass the forward visibility test. The wheel which is 300mm only still sits too high. I am using seats that are bare Grp so sit fairly low. Has anyone had issued with this.

Just wondering how people pass with the sierra or mx5 steering wheel?


Enoch 25th July 2014 09:06 PM

If I remember rightly there are a list of exempt items, the steering wheel is one of them. Also on the list are the a pillars, aerials and some other things I don't recall. As long as the point at which your screen is mounted is the highest point you should be ok. In other words the bonnet can not slope upwards, it has to angle slightly down towards the front. If you have used standard design / parts you won't have a problem.

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