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Peter-C 20th September 2011 04:39 PM

Battery terminal covers
Do you have to have the terminals covered for IVA as I've read the manual and can't find any evidence



mark 20th September 2011 04:52 PM

I covered mine with some from cbs and remember mr iva having a good nosey at them!

I covered mine as i assumed that they surely have to be covered to pass, never actually looked it up as i would cover them both regardless anyway

You would imagine at an absolute minimum that the positive be covered

big_wasa 20th September 2011 05:38 PM

Yes you need one on the live and with VERY good reason. I wish I had fitted mine sooner than I did.

I posted this on Lcb earlier in the year.

"Having had a little acident I am in the market for a new watch.

I brushed past the battery with multimeter in my hand to measure a voltage. I wasnt really working on the car, just poped out to check somthing.

It arked and welded my watch to the battery tray and wouldnt let go.

The stainless strap glowed orange untill the pins in the strap melted and I was able to get it of. It dumped its full charge through my watch.

After getting back from A&E I have full thickness burns the size of a golf ball. And lesser burns to the size of a tennis ball on my inner wrist

I am told I will have at least a month to save up for a new watch before I can ware one again.

And no I hadnt got around to puting a rubber cap over the live terminal. "

Peter-C 20th September 2011 06:26 PM

Ouch, I must admit that I rest spanners and objects on the battery occasionally, so covers it is.


Spikehaus 20th September 2011 07:29 PM

I purchased some lovely stainless braided fuel injection hoses for my car, while messing about and working on the car, I knocked one of them agaist the battery live (while full of pressurised fuel). It tooks a few seconds to workout why the fuel line was going black in one spot and getting very hot. I changed my pants, removed the battery, waited half hour to check for fire and then went home to purchase a 3 cover from ebay!:eek:

flyerncle 20th September 2011 07:56 PM

All lessons learned the hard way,speedy recovery Wasa ,and for anbody else reading this there is a big possiblity it may explode spectacularly showering anyone near with acid and I have seen it happen with a large truck battery with a guy leaning over it,luck not to be blinded.

Piece of black rubber floor mat over it,quick ,cheap and easy.

Another one learned early in the career was place the positive on first and the earth last,earth cant short to earth.

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