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adrianreeve 23rd July 2012 06:19 PM

One of those annoying what's it worth posts!
Hi gents

Dabbling with the idea of selling up due to other projects, and was just wondering what you guys think my car might be worth?

It's a book chassis with gaz shocks, 2l Zetec with Jenveys and an Omex ecu, Yokohama Parada tyres, disc brakes all round, Westfield seats, a really nice (I think!) dash, and orange Grp with 3m di-noc side and rear panels. It's got a brand new wiring loom, and I just fitted a gorgeous exhaust can from Paul Gooderham on locostbuilders, which has zero miles on it. There are loads of piccies in my Photobucket pages below. It's ready for IVA, and has been really carefully and lovingly put together. I'm a mechanical engineer, and I've made sure that everything is just how it should be.

The photos below don't show the new exhaust, which is a work of art!

So, the big question, what's it worth?!



flyerncle 23rd July 2012 06:32 PM

It's a credit to you Adrian :cool:

Talonmotorsport 23rd July 2012 06:44 PM

I've just emptied my both my work jeans pockets and the jeans I wore to Southend a few days ago and dug down the back of the sofa so I'm in a position to offer you 13.87 and half a packet of soft mints. :D
I think the most I've seen a very nice put together 'locost' type car go for is 7400 but that was SVA/IVA T'n'Ted and been on the rollers . As nice as your handy work is I'd say it's worth 5000-6000 on a good day but the fact that it's not been IVA'ed might put people off.

adrianreeve 23rd July 2012 06:49 PM


If it was a full packet of mints, I might consider it.

I hear what you're saying about the IVA, trying to weigh up the cost of IVA against how much more I could sell a registered car for. I don't foresee any problems getting it through, it's been built with the test in mind.

To be fair, 5k as it stands would be ok for me.



Talonmotorsport 23rd July 2012 06:58 PM

It would sell a lot easier if it was IVAed, the way I look at these things is to see it from a wife or girlfriends point of view
'you've spent this much on it and you can't even drive it on the road?'
is a fair point when you look at it like that. Another way to look at it is spend 550-700 (IVA charge,fuel,trailer hire, DVLA reg, ect)to get 5000-6000 back?

robo 23rd July 2012 07:15 PM

Its attention to detail that gets these oddball cars sold and yours has plenty of that. I dont think there would be many potential buyers that would walk away from that car but like phil said it needs to be in a "on the road state" just so as they can drive what they are looking at. Best of luck it must be a wrench to part with it.


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