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NeilW 4th August 2015 09:20 PM

Well managed to get a few hours this morning. Also had a visit from a fellow builder.
Replaced belt and gaskets on the engine, new clutch and modified block for starter motor. A health coat of high temp Matt black too - if things stay still long enough in my garage they end up painted black!
I opted for keeping the 2.0 flywheel setup (as I already had the new clutch, spigot bearing and release bearing to suit).
Having acquired a tiger shortened sump I also installed the shortened oil pickup.
Mated to type 9 easily with no concerns - apart from the dubious 5 bolt securing....
Dropped into chassis but may need to rethink the mount position on exhaust side as I am tempted now to move alternator under exhaust manifold to make way for the charger.

NeilW 5th August 2015 07:53 PM

Well managed to get engine in place and mounted.
Rear end is now rolling, the NS seemed a bit tight to rotate and I was dreading that maybe something not seated correctly, removed caliper and span trouble free. Found the guidepins were painted so we're quite stiff causing caliper to sit offset. After a quick run down everything now ok.

NeilW 5th August 2015 07:57 PM

Replaced front wheel bearings. Pretty straight forward except mixing up LH and RH stubs! Lesson learned in there somewhere!

Front calipers stripped and new seals in place! What a fiddly job. Be happy if I don't have to do them again....

NeilW 5th August 2015 08:03 PM

Wishbones arrived from Phil after my previous disaster! Great job Phil! Speedy delivery, top quality craftsmanship - plug Talon Motor Fabrication
Instantaneously painted in the compulsory satin black then poly bushes fitted and temporarily bolted temporarily in place.

Next job to sort the rack extensions and clamps.

NeilW 5th August 2015 08:10 PM

Also got round to starting the pedals and pedal box. After a quick exchange of mails with Sylvain I decided to use his guide. It's really an excellent guide and a credit to him for covering all the aspects of geometry, dimensions and operation. The design itself is pretty robust and relatively simple to hand craft out of stuff lying around.
Something ultimately satisfying getting the hand file out and fabricating.

Davidbolam 5th August 2015 09:58 PM

Your build is coming along really nicely. Keep the pictures coming!!


NeilW 5th August 2015 10:11 PM

Thanks David, it really helps with the motivation. After a blast or 2 in other people's cars I get home 'full of beans' and crack on as much as I can.
I must have 1000+ pictures just a pita uploading them all....
I am using the highlights approach :D

Some parts of the build so far have been really frustrating, however at the moment I am well focused to the 1st milestone of a rolling chassis and the jobs to do are quite fun.
I must admit, the pedal setup has really perked me up a bit after a tedious few weeks pondering over wheel bearings and cv's.

Ps. Cheers for the lend of the engine hoist, I must have had engine(s) in and out over 10 times already.

NeilW 5th August 2015 10:16 PM

Forgot to mention - I am off to Detroit (motor city) for a month with work next week so progress will halt a bit.
On the plus side there is all kinds of parts to be had from auto stores over there. Already been on Detroit Craigslist and the amount of aftermarket toys (ecu's, inlets, bolt on engine kits) are crazy and cheap! I can see 2 cases of excess baggage coming....

Also it's pretty damn dangerous (3rd most violent city in the world so I am told) so most likely won't be attending any auto jumbles. :rolleyes:

flyerncle 6th August 2015 08:18 AM

Baggage limit weight is 22kg so don't pay for more cos you wont be able to bring it back,found that out at Sanford.

NeilW 6th August 2015 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by flyerncle (Post 101311)
Baggage limit weight is 22kg so don't pay for more cos you wont be able to bring it back,found that out at Sanford.

I have a platinum miles card from skyteam 2x30kg allowance. Usually if I bring more I prebook online. 30 per additional case.

Problem I have is there is literally zero space in the garage for anymore parts. :D

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