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NeilW 10th April 2016 11:31 PM

Well, finally back from the states.... Only for a week though! Spent the day tidying the garage out as everything stock piled on top of the car!

Hopefully I will get one day to spend on it.

Driving up the motorway yesterday with the sun beaming, watching a nice little train of 7's definitely got me motivated to own a completed car. Need to pull my finger out or find a builder!

vmax1974 11th April 2016 08:35 AM

Glad you getting motivated again I am home thurdsay onwards this week if you wanna come get your bits

K4KEV 11th April 2016 07:32 PM

hope you have got space for an engine:D :D :D :D

NeilW 29th August 2016 07:38 PM

Well hoorah, I finally managed to get a few hours on the build today.
Got the engine back with modified sump and bearing overhaul (credit to Kev), stripped it down for a good clean and paint.
Started to mock the gearbox and engine for mounting - nightmare as expected. Luckily there is a guy who lives not so far from me who could offer some advice. :D

So after some modification managed to get the box roughly in position and started to line up engine.

Previously I had a Zetec and type 9 mounted but the chassis plates for mounting were nowhere near.

But it has been quite an enjoyable day to be fair, hopefully get another couple of hours tomorrow.

Next steps: mount new chassis plates, fabricate engine / box mounts and install brake/fuel pipes.

On another plus side - I finally got the car rolling and pushed it in and out of the garage!!! (Can I call it a car yet?)

Pics to follow

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