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Janne E 29th November 2009 06:59 PM

Janneīs buildpictures!
Ok Bonzo here come pictures from Sweden. I started in April this year and Iīm using a Sierra -84 as a donator.

Ragards Janne E. / Sweden

mark 29th November 2009 07:03 PM

That roll bar looks a little undersized :eek: :D

Are you sure it will be strong enough!!!!! :D

Joking aside though it looks really good

gingea1pom 29th November 2009 07:05 PM

It looks just fantastic. This is why the forum is great, it’s the little things we notice I mean axel stands on wheels,:D I am making myself some of them.

Build looks great and I really like the chunky roll bar.

Cheers Ginge

Bonzo 29th November 2009 07:14 PM


That is some cracking progress that you have made :cool:

The build looks fantastic :)

Can't believe how clean & tidy that workshop is .................OMG.........I am working in a Pig sty :o :D

Well done Janne

Bonzo 29th November 2009 07:17 PM

Just noticed the alloy wheels Janne :cool:

I'll have first dibbs on the set you don't use :D :D

squbti 29th November 2009 08:57 PM

Hi Janne, that looks great, nice job. I also started in april & hope to have mine on 4 weels before x-mas .

HandyAndy 30th November 2009 09:35 AM

Hi Janne,
wow :cool: your Roadster looks great, very nice indeed,
one prob tho..... steering wheel is on wrong side :eek: :D

and that workshop is TOO clean & tidy:o


Janne E 4th December 2009 08:21 PM

I donīt like couriers!!!!!!!!

Thankīs for the nice words about my build and workshop
The rollbar is 76mm I thought 50mm will be a bit girly:D

I worked as a racemechanic for a few years and they banged in it in my head that everything must be in order and cleaned up before you got a beer

The build standing a bit still for the moment because of couriers:mad:

Emma sent my parts from England the 18:th of November.
The 23:th at 9.00am DPD came with ONE parcel -the nosecone
At 10.00am DHL came with ONE parcel - the seats
At 3.00pm UPS came with ONE parcel - the bonnet, dashboards...

At 26:th Shenker called and said that they have a delivery for me a stope of 153kg!!!!!!!!
The 27:th they come with ONE parcel 16kg!!!! -the rear panel and the wings.
The rear panel and a front wing AND a rear wing was damaged:(

I waited over the weekend but no sidepanels come. At tuesday evning I mailed Emma and ask if she could track it for me.

But at the same time the courier had come back with the sides to her, they thought it was to LONG:mad:

Some times I think someone is sitting at the couriers office laughing at me!!

Hope you all will have a great weekend Janne

HandyAndy 4th December 2009 08:43 PM

Hi Janne,

we at Saturn are also aware that shipping to mainland Europe is not easy, the side panels are the main concern.

In fact , today i have been contacting various Road Haulage companies & have invited them to come to discuss our requirements for shipping the bodywork sets.
I,m trying to arrange a company that will take the kits "by Road", it may take a little longer but hopefully will solve the problem .

will keep you updated if i find a solution :)


Janne E 5th December 2009 09:57 AM

Andy: I think thats the way, send it by road. Put all the parts except the sides in two or three big "paperboxes" and fill it up with something.
It must harder to throw a big box for the couriers:D

My steeringwheel is at the right side itīs in some small islands the drive at the left side:D :D


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