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Sam91 14th November 2007 03:48 PM

Electric Car
Any suggestions for making an electric car.
I think 2 DC motors of higher voltage on 2 rear wheels should be used.
I need about 30-40kmph speed with better average.
Please suggest some ideas. If you have some links then it is best way to understand.

Chris Gibbs 14th November 2007 05:31 PM

Hi Sam,

I know that MK Sportscars built an electric Indy a couple of years ago, perhaps you could ask them.

this site might give you a few ideas too.



Chris :)

Sam91 19th November 2007 05:04 PM

thank you very much Chris Gibbs. But how to go in their forums:o .


apogee 29th November 2007 06:52 PM

It's been done.

Try this; http://www.electric7.com/

Renrut 26th June 2008 09:44 AM

Electric cars are usually crippled by either heavy batteries or expensive batteries. And don't forget that getting an electric motor that is lightweight and capable of 70kW won't be that cheap.

If you could solve these problems it's a great idea. 70kW would give very spritely performance in a roadster thanks to most electric motors having peak torque from 0 rpm to peak revs (normally about 5k but some can go a lot more). Also electric motors are rated by their nominal power not their peak like IC engines. Thats like rating your car engine by its power at its torque peak, so realisitically peak power can be twice that. 70kW = 100bhp.

For a good idea of what can be done if the battery and motor sourcing problem is overcome have a look at the Tesla Roadster. It can thrash ferraris, corvettes etc with only 180kW. Top speed peaks at 130mph but thats far too dangerous on public roads anyway. Incidentally they used a AC induction motor rather than DC and a lot of Lithium ion batteries both of which are not cheap - 10K+ just for the battery pack.

Wrigglypig 17th October 2008 05:34 PM

Leccy car
Hi ther have a look at www.solarvan.co.uk it is run by a friend of mine ( Peter Perkins) Pete has since sold his vehicle but is the guru of all things electric vehicle wise ( he has built a few electric cars) Just tell him you got the link from me .. Kev Brookes :D

AshG 17th October 2008 06:52 PM

that goes against every bone in my body eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

bobbyh 10th November 2008 02:36 PM

at work the other day we where talking about using a ram air turbine (rat) to gen rate sum power when crusing and braking also kers could be used but this kida thing is more out my leage than building a car lol

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