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Numplumb 6th June 2021 10:38 AM

Speedo reading
Hi anyone.
I have a 1600 Mx5 Mk1 engine fitted and the speedo is in Km/h, I bought a new cluster from a Mk2 that has the electronic speedo instead of a speedo cable, does anyone know if.
A) The speedo sensor in the gearbox of a mk1 (cable) type can be changed to the electronic type?.
B) Can the face of the speedo in Km/h just be changed for one in Mph, or what needs to be done to speedo?.
Cheers Mick.

Tatey 12th June 2021 09:54 PM

So it looks like you can buy adapters which convert from a speedo cable drive to an electrical output. You will just need to find the right one which matches the mx5 drive size.

The Speedo face can definitely be changed for a mph one of you can find one. Another option is to put some extra markings on your Speedo face like some production cars have.

Numplumb 16th June 2021 10:27 AM

Hi Tatey Thanks.
Do you mean the electronic sensor from a mk2 with the correct amount of teeth will fit the mk1 gearbox that has a speedo cable?.
And are you saying that the workings of a Eunos Km/h speedo is the same as a Uk Mph one?.
Regards Mick.

Numplumb 10th July 2021 07:24 PM

Hi anyone know what colour wire goes to what?
I have got a mk2 nb instrument cluster and the 22 tooth red gear sensor to use in place of the mk1 an cluster.
The sensor has 2 wires a blue/yellow and a blue/white one, the wiring diagram for the mk2 cluster shows orange and a yellow wire, the connectors that came with the cluster doesn't have the yellow wire that could go to the sensor, the only yellow wire joins a black/blue wire grounds for gauges oil,water temp, fuel.
I think L&M of the black connector are are the sensor one L is white/black and M is orange.
Not sure if that's correct and what way the sensor wires go, anyone have any ideas please.
Regards Mick.

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