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davidimurray 1st August 2009 09:37 PM

Mould Making - crazy idea
Ok - I warn you I think the welding fumes have been getting to me today but I had an interesting idea. If you have a look around the net you will lots of racers blogs where they patch up their bodywork after racing incidents. One of the interesting ways I've seen this done is to cover the damaged area with gaffa tape, then lay over it to make a mould in fibreglass, followed by making a new part.

Now this got me thinking - the first male mould is quite a bit of work, then you need a female from that which will require lots of work to get it nice and smooth. So how could you make the first male mould quicker - well why not use bits of the car itself - but how! The idea I've had is that for items like the side panels, tunnel cover and rear bodywork could you actually wrap the chassis in that thick pallet wrapping plastic you can buy - then lay your female fibreglass mould straight onto this.

I warned you it was crazy - so what do you think - mad, bad, or maybe a go'er???

HandyAndy 1st August 2009 10:23 PM

seems like a lot of work & messy sticky stuff :eek: , i,d rather pick up the phone & set Fabby to the task :D

not dismissing your idea tho ;)


ACE HIGH 2nd August 2009 07:47 AM

mould making
You could make a buck using timber and using your table saw cut say 3mm strips of pine or douglas fir say 30 x3 ,lay them over the buck,then staple your mat to it ,doing one side at a time,this method has been used many times in some of the older50's,60's,70's home made kit cars,basically its the same as foam core ply/balsa /foam as many"one off yachts":) use,think of all the money you will save,also look up vacuum molding machines home made/diy/homebrew on the net for a different approach.Our American friends often use the term "homebrew" for DIY. David:)

aerosam 2nd August 2009 10:13 AM

I've got a roll of static wrap you can have if you want to have a go - I'm not to far from you either in Pontypridd.

AshG 2nd August 2009 10:31 AM

easy way to do it is cover the frame with cling film then stretch some fabric over the area that you want to make the part for. You then soak the fabric with resin. When th resin sets the material goes hard and you have your shape.

Little warning. fiberglass resin stinks to high heaven. Even if you do it outside in the shed the smell will get into the house and all the surrounding houses.

I got fabby to do mine because i didnt want all the mess and smell.

fabbyglass 8th August 2009 11:50 AM

Go for it but like Ash said it does smell a tad and the mess is a cow to clean up.
Beware of pigment as sent by the devil, it never cures so if you get it on your clothes you WILL leave a trail wherever you go....settee, car etc and yep I have done it:o

davidimurray 8th August 2009 08:20 PM

Cheers Mark - will prob be in touch soon about a nose cone and maybe a couple of other bits - they look a bit complicated - but I'm determined to do some fibreglass bits myself

Talking about seats I sat and had my lunch in the garage today on my lovely new seats, there are two of them and they are sort of a bluey grey colour :rolleyes:

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