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Baz1 13th April 2020 05:59 PM

Build finally started.
Finally started my build today.
Bought an armoto chassis from Vincenzo nearly five years ago, that he had built over many years.
The delayed start was due to having several years of life threatening illnesses, hopefully now the last round of chemotherapy has finished I will remain clear of cancer.
I am building the roadster with the help of my eldest son.
We were going to use Mazda MX5 as the soul donor vehicle. But have now bought an S type 3.0l jag, this will supply the engine and gearbox.:D

twinturbo 6th May 2020 06:01 PM

Getrag 221 gearbox???

The 3L V6 is small but it's going to be one hell of a hell of a hell of a squeeeeeze..


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