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CarlW 29th July 2020 11:00 PM

Headlamp Bracket And IVA
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Hi guys,

Reading posts, most seem to have gone 120mm from center of lamp mounting hole. I am thinking of doing the same but with lamps mounted to top of frame, about 80mm back from shock mount, almost over the top of the top wishbone bracket rear mount.
Any issues you can see with IVA, any issue you guys i had with headlamps and IVA??

jps 30th July 2020 05:07 PM

Mine is directly above the upper shock mount. I'm sure I measured it ages ago and felt it was well within the scope of the lights being wide apart enough.

Do you mean 120mm out from the chassis rail? The important dimension will be whether the lamps are close enough to a a set distance in from the maximum width of the car (I assume that'' be the width across the rear wheel arches).

CarlW 30th July 2020 05:12 PM


Yeah the distance from the outermost edge is minimum 400mm. Max height 1200mm, min height 500mm. No minimum selection.
Wanted to know any issues with them including beam pattern, any issue nose blocking any light beam etc?

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