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jps 23rd July 2012 12:30 PM

A proper plan?!
So then, now that i've bought a rolling chassis and a load of bits (some of which I still need to identify what on earth they are!) where do I go next?

I've been reading over 'the book' quite a bit and, apart from the detailed fabrication side of it - i've quickly realised it is all fairly vague!

What's the best way to work out what needs doing/in what order?! Apart from going through other peoples build diaries finding out where they went wrong... :D :D

PorkChop 23rd July 2012 01:31 PM

Be logical. People will do things in a slightly different order to each other but there's things that should be done first. For example, it's easier if you sort the pedal box before fitting the side and transmission panels.

If it was me, this how I would look to tackle it. I think your first step is to make sure you know exactly what you have and whether you want/need to do any refurbishment/repairs to these parts. Then see what major components are missing if any and you can start looking for those.

If there any homemade parts, I would double check that they will be suitable for the intended purpose and sort them out if needed.

I would build a rolling chassis that steers and brakes as it should first before worrying about the engine/gearbox/panels etc.

One tip that I've picked up - if you can, keep a small float of project money. A common reason for projects stopping and starting is lack of funds. It might be hard to keep the enthusiasm going if you have no money to put towards the build for a month or two. Plus, if a bargain crops up, you're in a position to buy it.

robo 23rd July 2012 02:15 PM

For your own sake you should pull it apart completely,inspect / check everything and re assemble. That is the only way of knowing all is well. By the time you have done that you will know your way round the rest of the build. Just my opinion safety first.


alga 25th July 2012 12:03 AM

I agree with PorkChop, there are always logical dependencies. Also, there's a lot of ways to do it, lots of jobs that are fairly independent. E.g. some people start by stripping a donor, others build a chassis first. You can sort the wiring before plumbing the cooling, or you could get the engine to run on 4 wires, do the cooling, and wire up lighting later. Really lots of independent jobs.

And I agree that the book is very vague on many things, but this forum plugs that hole very well. Any aspect of the build you can think of most likely will have been discussed once or twice during the five years this forum has been running. Do some search digging, too, too often the best nuggets of advice are hidden in unrelated threads.

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