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CarlW 11th March 2021 11:57 AM

VIN And Age Related
Hi Guys,

So the DVLA sent me a VIN etc which is on my car.
I have the doner car and log book where I have used many parts, engine, transmission, Diff, Uprights etc.
Can I apply for an age related registration one IVA complete?
What form do I use to apply for the reg with the new DVLA VIN etc?

twinturbo 20th March 2021 11:33 AM

You should be able to yes,

I can't remember the process now. The IVA man should know, or you can try ringing the DVLA.

Ray57 3rd May 2021 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by twinturbo (Post 106666)
You should be able to yes,

I can't remember the process now. The IVA man should know, or you can try ringing the DVLA.

Similar question to CarlW really. I have a Sierra which I have stripped of all useful parts, engine, gearbox, prop, hubs etc. Its just the basic bare shell now. I have the registration document. I have taken the VIN plate from under bonnet. I notice there is also a VIN number welded into the floor just to the right of the drivers seat. Do I need that as well? Is there anything else I need to take off before I dispose of shell as I also one to ensure I can get age related plate when going through IVA?

Ianr 7th May 2021 09:05 AM

Removing all the VIN plates is a bit of a double edged sword. You want to keep the registration document live with the car sorned but if it goes to a scrapyard they may signal the DVLA that the car with that VIN number has been scrapped and then you have issues at registration. With my first kit build I stripped an MX5, removed all Vin numbers and scrapped the shel and got an age related plate. With the next, a Focus ST170, did the same and the scrapyard were very iffy about taking the shell as they thought it may be a stolen stripped car. Took a while but got it sorted, no age related with that one as you can't use enough bits from it to qualify.
If you search on this forum there is a very good guide, by Stot I think, which details all the forms required and how to fill them in. Be aware that the things needed for IVA are different than they require for registration. I can't remember the forms numbers but they were something like V55/5 and V4

See this link

twinturbo 22nd May 2021 09:01 AM

yeah things have changed a bit in the last 10 years to try and combat scrap theaft.

So scrapping a car without a V5 being handed over is ODD now to the metal merchants.

Probably requires a decent conversation with the office manager, statements on record and photographic evidence. This is all to protect them from prosecution.

The merchants should be receptive though as they are recyclers and car lovers at heart so should understand the situation that a drive train is being saved.

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