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andysredmini 15th November 2011 12:23 PM

Chassis Plate CP7 Orientation
Can anyone tell me the orientation of CP7 in relation to CP3/4
e.g. does the 121mm or the 125mm side go flat against the outer edge of CP3/4.

I have completed the passenger side apart from welding this on.

Many thanks


Talonmotorsport 15th November 2011 01:38 PM

Offer it up and look to see where the centre of the hole in cp7 comes in relation to the hole in the damper bracket, don't be surprised if you can't get the two perfect.

andysredmini 15th November 2011 01:45 PM

Thanks for the reply but it was the triangle piece cp7 i meant. not cp6 with the hole.

But if you put the 30mm hole in cp6 47.5mm in from the edge not the 50mm as the book the holes line up perfectly.

Thanks againg


voucht 15th November 2011 01:55 PM

I tacked CP7 them yesterday, so it is very fresh in my head :) !
CP3/4 beign 150mm wide, minus 25mm of SB2, there is 125mm left for CP7. So :
125mm edge on top (against CP3/4)
121mm edge in the back (against CP6)
To be sure you can do as I did :
- first you tack the "box" (CP3/4 + CP5 + CP6) on top of SB2 without CP7,
- second you tack tubes D13 and D12 in place (needs RP1 to be in place too)
You will see that CP7 naturally comes on top of D12, and there is only one way you can line it up with CP3/4 on top and CP6 in the back : you can't put it the wrong way around.
Hope this help.
Good luck

andysredmini 15th November 2011 01:57 PM

I thought it would be the 125mm side. It made sense having the 25mm remaining from 150mm of cp3/4

Many thanks


Talonmotorsport 15th November 2011 02:09 PM

Sorry got my chassis plate numbers mixed up, it's what happens when you stop doing 4 months worth of books to answer a post.

andysredmini 15th November 2011 02:13 PM

That doesn't sound like much fun!

Talonmotorsport 15th November 2011 02:28 PM

I'd prefer to be making some thing in steel rather than making small piles of paper and a head ache!

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