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drury318 11th August 2009 03:23 PM

Brake bias valve
Can I ask if everyone who has a brake proportioning valve from their donor has fitted it to their Roadster?
If so, where, and at what angle & which way round have you fitted it?
Also does anyone have the length and part nos of the flexy brake pipes they have used front & rear?
Thanks, Dennis.

Chris Gibbs 11th August 2009 04:51 PM

The prototype with disc front/drum rear brakes didn't need one. If you fit it it'll need to be fitted at the same angle as it is in the Sierra, which I can't remember.:rolleyes:

8 degrees? could be ;)


Chris :)

AshG 11th August 2009 04:58 PM

im not gonna bother with it on mine. from what others have said its not necessary

RAYLEE29 11th August 2009 05:05 PM

leave it off and when your ready to put it on the road get a friendly mot station to check the brake bias on theyre rollers
they usually do a calculation to check its ok for mots
if you find the bias is wrong you can change the rear cylinders for ones of a different bore or fit a valve but it really is better without one

mr henderson 11th August 2009 06:35 PM

Interestingly enough, the Tiger Avon actually has a bracket ready to receive the Sierra valve, whereas MK Indy's seem to manage without it.

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