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voucht 29th November 2011 02:47 PM

Wondering if I buy an Esab LKA 150
I never been really satisfied with my welder, and there is a second hand ESAB for sale. On the paper, powers are the same, but I have hard time to interpret the technical datas. What I'm looking for is a slightly more powerful welder, as mine looks to have hard time with 3mm plates. Could you please tell me if it is worth to by the ESAB ? I bought my welder 2nd hand for 100 euros. The ESAB is for sale at 160 euros including a 5 liter gaz tube, so it looks like a pretty good deal to me. But will it be more powerful ?
Thanks for your answer and advices, here are the technical datas for both welders :

My MIG Welder : Easycraft 145 :

Main Voltage 230V
Battery Capacity 2,5 KVA
No load voltage 20-32V
Welding current 35-120A
Duty Cycle 15% 120A
Duty Cycle 60% 70A
Duty Cycle 100% 58A
Power settings 4
Wire spool 0,5-5kg
Wire (steel) 0,6-0,8 mm
Insulation class F
Protection degree P21
Box volume 0,061m3
Size 295x570x365
Weight 25,6kg

The Esab LKA150 I might buy :

Mains supply 230 V,1−fas 50 Hz
Fuse, slow 10 A
Mains lead 3x1,5 mm2
Wire feed speed 2,5−15 m/min.
Wire sizes Unalloyed 0,6−0,8 mm
Voltage steps 7
Maximum load 100A/20%,55A/60%,40A/100%
Open circuit voltage 16−28 V
Wire reel capacity 1−5 kg.(max reel diam.,200 mm)
Weight 34 kg
Dimensions lxbxh 670x280x380
Enclosure class IP 21
Application class S

alga 30th November 2011 10:18 PM

Judging by the duty cycles, the ESAB is even less powerful. Although the duty cycles relate more to the cooling power of the fans, rather than the welding power.

You could ask to try it out and see if it's any better with the 3 mm plate than yours...

AshG 30th November 2011 10:59 PM

cant comment on the power as your link isn't working but ESAB are about the best of the best when it comes to welders and welding equipment. its basically what professionals use. usually their duty cycle information is on ther conservative side meaning they will take a lot more abuse than they are rated for.

i have a migtronic 160 and that will do 5mm plate if i v the edges of the plate so i would think the cheap easycraft chinese welder isnt actually producing the 145ams ist claiming to.

in terms of niceness to weld with the esab will feel and weld 1000times better than the easycraft.

voucht 1st December 2011 08:42 AM

Thank you very much for the replies and advices.
Unfortunately Alga, the guy who sold the welder is living 200km away, and I couldn't go there just for a try. But it would have been a good idea.
Ash, the links actually work, they redirect you to on-line PDF manual. Have you got the right plug-in in your web browser ? But yes, if I buy another one, it will not be another Asian sh..., and I guess I would get much more comfort welding with a good ESAB. But I also need a bit more power me thinks.
Anyway, the ESAB is no longer available : at that prices it is gone in 2 days !
But I have another opportunity :
Deca Star 180E Turbo -> 30 to 160A, 20% dutycycle@130A
Do you think it will manage 5mm plates (thinking about the diff mount plates)?
Price is good, it is more powerful than mine, and it is Italian made. I read some comments on welding forums, and people look happy with it.
What do you guys think ?
Thank you.

baz-r 9th December 2011 02:58 PM

two main thing you want to be looking at in migs is duty cycle and feed system

duty cycle 0f 100A at 20% for a 150A mig is not very good esab kit is usualy pritty good it possibly is a unit for bodywork shops where control is more importent
a good idea to check an unkown welder is its how heavy it is an all copper transformer and choke waighs a ton compared to a part alloy wound transformer

as for feed systems eurotorch fitment and quality feed mechanism and motor is rarely on any spec sheet

saying that i have a real old sip 195 with eurotorch and have no trobble and get great welds out of it. it was a cheap flog on stop gap that came up while i was looking for a good set. sadly it was alright so it has stayed

voucht 9th December 2011 10:09 PM

Thanks Baz, the ESAB has been sold, don't know about the Deca. But as I have new plans coming for work for this winter, I might have to put the whole building on hold :( I delay the purchasing of the welder to next spring, but the infos you give will be very useful when times come :)

robo 10th December 2011 11:04 AM

Shame that its gone, we have been on esab welders for years and the last one we replaced had done 15 years of workshop abuse, that was not new when I bought it. When we got another we got the lan 315, thats the dogs danglers too.:)


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