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MacFRASSE 23rd January 2017 12:09 PM

Twisted chassis
My chassis is now completely welded and I am about to erect the suspension brackets. But a check of the chassis dimensions reveals that the front end is twisted. This twist is mainly from the back of the engine bay to the front where the left side is abt 6 mm higher than the right side.
Considering fairing it by using force. Or to leave it as it is and mount the suspension brackets in relation to the bottom of the chassis at both sides.
Anyone with similar experience or idea how to proceed.

garyt 23rd January 2017 01:40 PM

Someone else asked about a similar problem recently but truthfully you will never notice it in normal use, once the suspension is all on and ride heights set I doubt you will even notice it myself I would live with it as is, and carry on, I would hedge a bet that most chassis have a discrepancy in them

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