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MattStepney 12th January 2018 08:34 PM

New builder here
Hi all

New builder here. Name is Matt and I'm going against conventional wisdom and building an astra vxr powered roadster. Should be fun :D

So far I'm half way through building chassis and generally mocking things up. Planned spec is below

Engine: astra vxr z20leh
Gearbox: omega r25-28
Diff and shafts: sierra lobro unless I break them then omega
Brakes: wilwoods 4 pots and vw polo rear

Then hopefully use astra keyless wiring loom so might have half canbus and cruise control if it works, no worries if not.

Any other new builders on here?

Ianr 13th January 2018 08:41 AM

Good to see a new member on here! Welcome to the group! Looks like an interesting project, hope it goes well. Hmm, cruise control, on a seven, whatever next? :)
I have built a hybrid Sierra/Mazda Roadster and am currently helping two friends build an ST170 powered Tiger and the other a Zetec powered Haynes whilst collecting parts for my own next build, in a couple of years time that is, a Midlana. Be careful, it can become addictive :eek:

twinturbo 16th January 2018 08:29 PM


The shafts should hold no problem. you will break traction before any chance of a shaft.


MattStepney 17th January 2018 02:58 AM

Thanks guys for the welcome. Blame Mike and Edd's (wheeler dealers) caterham for the ideas. The astra has keyless entry and start, obviously can't use the entry bit as no doors but the start button I can definitely use. It's only basic cruise control and astra vxrs are being broken daily now so parts are cheap for the power. And hopefully it will feel a bit more modern inside as I feel the sierra has a dated look and feel now.

twinturbo 19th January 2018 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by MattStepney (Post 105829)
And hopefully it will feel a bit more modern inside as I feel the sierra has a dated look and feel now.

I don't think there are many people that have anything more than an indicator stalk and column cowels to tell you what the donor was.

I am sure someone else was dabbling with the VX security system


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