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JeanP 21st February 2019 08:38 PM

Swap Focus ST 170
Hi Everybody!
I introduce myself: Jean , french from St Etienne, I started building a roadster Haynes with the books of Chris Gibbs two years ago.
Now, the car is finished with a 1.8 sohc engine from aSierra and a T9 gearbox.

Recently, I have bought a st170 bloc , and I hope swap this engine instead of the 1.8 ( I hope you follow me, because my english is not very well)

Now, I am looking for links or blogs or pictures, that show how the engine and its accessories are mounted.
Thank you in advance for your many answers!

jps 22nd February 2019 08:21 AM

I'm afraid I can't help from personal experience but I just spotted this on Locostbuilders which may be of use to you?


JeanP 22nd February 2019 05:41 PM

Thank you for this start JPS

Other participations are welcome!!!

twinturbo 27th February 2019 06:50 PM

which SOC engine do you have, the PINTO or the CVH?

The CVH woul dgive you the correct sump and oil pickup for the Zetec.

JeanP 1st March 2019 07:16 PM

Hi everybody!
Sorry for the long time before my response Twinturbo!
Well, I think it's a cvh but I'm not sure
If somebody knows where I can find a workshop manual about this engine,
please tell me

twinturbo 1st March 2019 07:22 PM

which side is the carburettor on (from front) left or right?


JeanP 1st March 2019 08:22 PM

When you are in front of the car, tle carburettor is on the right, it's a Pierburg

twinturbo 1st March 2019 09:28 PM

If it's on the right then it's a 1.8 Pinto ( both CVH and Pinto use the Pierburg 2E3)

Unfortunately the Pinto sump and oil pickup are of no use on a Zetec conversion.


robj 2nd March 2019 05:24 PM

Hi Jean I'm currently in the process of fitting an ST170 to my roadster I'm still figuring stuff out and making what I can. I made my own sump out of sheet metal as the original was a bit to rusty to be modified. Here's some images of what I've done so far.

I used the original oil pickup pipe I just cut it down in height to it the new profile of the sump.

robj 2nd March 2019 05:49 PM

Ive also done a little bit of research I think to get the engine to work with the type 9 gearbox you will need to use a flywheel of a 1.8 zetec redrilled to take a pinto clutch. You can get them from retro ford in the uk. You will need to add an extra pulley as well to make the water pump run the right way after you've removed the power steering pump and aircon. I'm going to run throttle bodies on mine so I've got myself an me221 ecu from motorsport electronics. Hope fully as plug and play as they say.

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