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Not Anumber 26th November 2013 09:48 AM

Selling my Mk Indy

I got 4300 for it.

For those who haven’t encountered them the Indy is probably the closest thing to a Haynes. The chassis was designed by Martin Keenan who designed the Haynes Roadster chassis with Chris Gibbs. Unsurprisingly they are very similar beasts the main difference being the use of some curved tubes in places such as the transmission tunnel.

MOT & Tax

Very recently rebuilt 2.0L Pinto. 205 block, Injection head (with 1mm skim and 1.3mm Victor Reinz gasket for increased compression. Kent FR32 camshaft + vernier pulley. The usual reduced height sump etc

Megajolt ignition (in currently still in it's box with the Edis, coil, toothed wheel and leads - i may even get round to fitting this. Meanwhile it runs fine on the standard Ford distributor)

Type 9, 5 speed gearbox. 3.62 diff

Adjustable rose jointed front wishbones (made by Phil) which enables steering to self centre correctly (always an issue with MKs otherwise)

Adjustable Protech coil overs

15” Alloys with Toyos (front pair were recently replaced)

4 point harnesses. Leather seats.

Full screen, wipers, doors and hood for all weather use.

jason 82 26th November 2013 10:33 AM

That's a real pitty Chris, but I understand where you are coming from mate. Put my project up for sale due to my wife needing a back op, but luckily the mother in law has come through for us, saving the build. If you google a company called toy box, they buy & sell used kit cars. I can't find the number at the moment, but as soon as I can, I will post it up straight away. All the very best mate, it's a crap time of year, and hopefully after Christmas we can get you back on here as a builder !:D

twinturbo 26th November 2013 07:00 PM

google cough


twinturbo 26th November 2013 07:06 PM

Know the feeling too.

Sold my spare 24V engine, selling the one out of my as yet never finished sapphire, sold My Zetec that was to go in haynes post IVA, sold both my DOHC's that were rainy day items...

By the time I finish welding and getting my XR4x4 road legal I will need to sell it, but it's worth more finished so just have to face the fact that my time is free.

Running out of assets to sell though.

Job interview for a new job next week though, maybee the sun will shine on me... 100M round trip daily though, so my beloved 3.0 S-type would have to go to make room for an oil burner...

Good luck with the sale, or with finding a better solution!


jason 82 26th November 2013 09:11 PM

This Haynes Roadster stuff is more than a hobby, it's a brother hood ! Life can be a bastard at times, but at least on here we all know the game, and support each other. Let's hope for a massive 2014, and all of us lot completing our cars ! What are we all going to do once we complete our cars ? British weather is crud, so might be a better idea to build a dutton boat truck car thing ! Lol:D

vmax1974 27th November 2013 09:28 PM

Sorry to see your selling mate

May help if you put a ball park figure on much you are looking for

Would be interested myself if I had any money but alas I dont

Got some sign writing gear to pay for next month and not even started christmas shopping yet

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