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rpjg1975 22nd July 2009 07:38 PM

New member & questions already!!
Hi all,

My journey has now started.... Ordered my armoto chassis kit which arrived a couple of weeks back and have now managed to get started and have hit my first glitch. Front Frame! Can't seem to find the front frame tutorial which I have seen in a couple of posts.

I believe I have a wrongly cut piece FF4 which instead of being straight cut at the ends have angled cuts. I am awaiting a phone call back as to whether this is wrong as I believe. There are also some strange angles cut at one end of both FF2 & FF3. They seem to be 2 angles cut in the same end?

Just wondering if anyone else has used the kit and can explain these pieces. I think it could be a clever angled bit to avoid extra cutting but not sure.

Any help greatly appreciated


mr henderson 22nd July 2009 07:58 PM

I've left my book down at the workshop, but you are right, ff2 and 3 do have a compound angle at the bottom

If you make up the jig, then fix ff1 and 4 to it, then offer up ff2 and 3, it will become a lot clearer. The book is actually correct, the tutorial makes it a lot clearer. I expect it will get reposted eventually

Welcome to the forum, by the way

Sam 22nd July 2009 08:02 PM

Pretty sure FF4 is straight cut at 630lg. Youre correct about FF2 & 3 which has a compound cut at one end of 14/26 degrees.

rpjg1975 22nd July 2009 08:03 PM

Will have to have a look tomorrow once i've sorted out the ff4 problem. I might be being thick but couldn't get my head around which side to ff2 and ff3 to cut out the angle to bend them

I thought it should have been straight cut from the book diagrams. Don't suppose anyone has any pictures of ff2 or 3 which could shed some light for me?

HandyAndy 22nd July 2009 08:05 PM


firstly welcome to the forum , best wishes for your build.:)

The front frame is indeed a tricky little blighter, i know it took me two attempts.

i didn,t use the Armoto chassis pack & thought there was no further need to actually cut the parts that are supplied in that kit,
may i suggest ( to help you ) that you stop, until either the tuitorial sticky is re posted or if someone is close to you can show you how to do it.
it would help if you can put a rough location of where you are in your profile.

or maybe you can speak to someone who can guide you thru it via a telephone conversation, it is quite critical to get the front frame right as the whole top part of the chassis extends from it.

if i can help in any way then please just shout( ask) ;) :cool:

best regards


rpjg1975 22nd July 2009 08:08 PM

I am keeping my fingers crossed for a phone call tomorrow. I am based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. I presumed the same as you that I wouldn't need to do any more cutting with the kit but..... we'll see:)

HandyAndy 22nd July 2009 08:11 PM

you,re not very far away from me, stockton on tees, near Middlesborough.

hope you get it sorted,

like said, there is alot of help available from the members of the forum, all wishing you a successful build.


rpjg1975 22nd July 2009 08:13 PM

That's pretty close yeah. Been up there quite a bit. Might have to rope you in to sort me out at some point. You would probably slap me around the head and say why can't you see that :)

HandyAndy 22nd July 2009 08:16 PM


Originally Posted by rpjg1975 (Post 18725)
That's pretty close yeah. Been up there quite a bit. Might have to rope you in to sort me out at some point. You would probably slap me around the head and say why can't you see that :)

if i can help, no prob.
just shout.


rpjg1975 22nd July 2009 08:18 PM

Excellent, cheers. Will be in touch shortly then :)


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