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cealm 17th January 2010 11:06 AM

CealmSeven Sweden

I have just started to build my third CealmSeven.
The first one is on the trailer and the second one is in front on this picture.

Some other pictures of the two cars.

The first car is powered with a Volvo B230 engine and carweight is 850kg
The second one i powered with a Chevy 305 and carweight is 1280kg

On the same time as the third CealmSeven I am going to start building one or maybe to more CealmSeven cars. The third one is planned to have an electricengine as the mainpower source.

cealm 17th January 2010 11:34 AM

The new CealmSeven is a Gibbs-model
At first I planned it with a Volvo B230 engine, turbo, injection and a MegaSquirt. Now the plans seems to have changed to let the car be electrified with a ASEA 12kW 3-336Volt engine. The onbord batteries are 28 and the voltage on each batteri is 12Volt 48Ah. This will give a possible range of about 50 to 70 km. The car will be an 6x4 model.

It will not look exactly as this one but in that way and eletric not fuelpowered.

The frame with the extra rearpart on "production"

cealm 17th January 2010 12:56 PM

Hello AdrianH.
Yes it is a single 12kW with 28 batteries wich give you 336V.

The extra rearwheel is put the because I thougt it would be intresting to build 4x6 Seven. Yes it will scrub but in ordinary traffic that will be no big problem. I will also have a "boggie-lift-up-system" like you have on lorries for smoth turning in low speed. Parking for exampel.

Of course the extra wheels are doing a fine job to take care of the batteri weight. The batteries weight if it will be Optima YTR 3,7 yellow is about 460kg.

I have also planned to have an electricgenerator onbord so it is possible to charge "on fly".

One very important thing is that I hope I will get the electric equipment more or less for free. I have contact with a new company in Sweden and they were searching for preproduction-testcars. I contacted them and they thougt the idea I have was the right thing to carry on with. We have scheduled a talk on tuesday next week. I soon need to have the 12kW engine so all brackets kan be mounted for it.
But if there will bee som change for the economicpossibilty in "the free powersystem idea" I can always go back to the original plan with a Volvo 230 instead.

cealm 17th January 2010 01:39 PM

In this case I will still have clutch and gearbox. The engine and controllers are standard equipment. To use standard will lower the costs and make it easier to repair if needed.

Adrian are you familiar with the Google language-tool that kan translate webpages from for example swedish to english?
Run this link in the Google tool http://www.elbilskonvertering.se/ and out you get quite good english, or at least you can understand the text.

Enoch 17th January 2010 04:44 PM

Massive respect:)
Interesting project, I suspect that as you are building a third car that some psychiatric help may be in order.:D
Best of luck with it, I hope you keep us updated.

Janne E 17th January 2010 04:53 PM

Hi Calle!

Nice to se your new build here, maybe we should teach them some Swedish:D


flyerncle 17th January 2010 04:58 PM

Even we have problems with English Janne !:D

cealm 17th January 2010 05:38 PM

Enoch: --- a third car that some psychiatric help may be in order ---
Maybe that is a good idea. My mates in Sweden have learned about me for some time. Maybe it is them who have been needed the help .......

Well Enoch, thank you for your support. And Janne E nice to see you here in the thread also.

The electric Seven is the third car I am building. I have two more car projects going at the same time. A special rig is now in place for welding the frame. If I start with a new Seven car or if I start with an CealmSeven Cobra that is at the moment not decided. All the materiel to a number four Seven i in the garage. The CealmSeven Cobra materiel is not at home this moment.

Some pictures from today. It is warm now, just about minus 4 C so there is no problem at all to work outside. By the way I can mention that I started the number 2 car with V8 engine. It started att the first try.

The special rig.

The smallest Sevencar I ever had. A jigsawpuzzle. Is it this one I shall start with as car number four?

A better picture of the rear part of my 6x4 CealmSeven as it looks just now.

cealm 17th January 2010 05:50 PM

AdrianH: That is correct that this car is "consuming electricity" and also that Seven cars is not so good in the aerodynamic arena.

One thing this car is good at is to make people look at the powertrain the electric powertrain. It is PR that is one of the main goals. PR building it for the company and PR to show it that it works. By the way as my mates in Sweden very well knows is that I am not running my cars on track. My normal speed is between 0 to 70 km/h. In that range the car will not use som much energi.

If the 6x4 car i too "hungry" of the batteries then I can change the powertrain and flip it to the "jigsaw-puzzle" on the photo. It is also because of that I start build number four CealmSeven.

Janne E 17th January 2010 05:59 PM

You could say that you are fast builder but a slow driver:D :D


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