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Bonzo 9th May 2010 02:20 PM

Suspension bolt kit group buy
I will soon be ready to bolt all of my suspension back on, for the last time :cool:

Although I have plenty of bolts, unfortunately, they are set bolts & I personaly, don't think it too wise to use them !!

Most of you will be aware, if fixings are bought in larger quantitys, it tends to work out a lot cheaper ;)

Have gauged some prices & here's what I have come up with.

Full suspension & diff mounting Kit

2, M12 X 260mm bolts ( Rear uprights )

2, M12 X 200mm bolts ( Diff mounts )

20, M12 X 75mm bolts ( Wishbones, rear camber adjusters & Lower rear shock mounts )

6, M12 X 60mm bolts ( Front shocks & rear upper shocks )

30 M12 Nyloc nuts, Type p, 14mm thick

60 M12 Flat washers ( One for each side of the bolt ) Form A 24mm od, 2.5mm thick

60 M12 Black plastic nut covers

I have costed each kit at about 22.50 - 25 Max, dependent on postage cost.

To make full use of buying full boxes of the longer bolts ( This is where the bulk of the cost is ), I will need to find enough interest to shift 10 sets .

I am quite happy to organise a group buy as it may help others avoid the headache of finding the long bolts & paying through the nose by buying small quantitys :)

Any thoughts welcome.

Just to add, the bolts will be High Tensile 8.8 grade & all bolts, nuts & washers will be Bright Zinc Plated


2nd Edit

Here's the list so far

1: Bonzo + nut covers

2: Tatey + nut covers + Plain nut set

3: Greasemonkey + nut covers

4: KenK + nut covers + Plain nut set

5: les g + nut covers

6: HandyAndy + nut covers

7: CarlKnight1982 + nut covers

8: David 17

9: Luke2482 + nut covers

10: Ginger Nutter + nut covers

11: Geeman + nut covers

12: Tkpm + nut covers + Plain nut set

13: onedayTM + nut covers + Plain nut set

14: Ozzy1

15: Hoybi

If any of you are confused about the nut covers, please read further down the thread.

I have found a cheaper source for most of the fixings in addition to a low cost source of M12 plastic nut covers .... Looks as if I can include nut covers without increasing the kit price :)

Tatey 9th May 2010 02:38 PM

Count me in Bonzo!

Bonzo 9th May 2010 02:51 PM

Hi Tatey

I think the best thing to do is start a list of folk that are interested :)

If anyone thinks the quantity or any of the sizes are wrong let me know .... It can be ammended accordingly & should not affect the price.

If you want in, just add your name to the list :)

1: Bonzo

2: Tatey

3: Greasemonkey

greasemonkey 9th May 2010 03:29 PM

me to please:)

Bonzo 9th May 2010 03:49 PM


Originally Posted by greasemonkey (Post 37839)
me to please:)

Added to list :)

Prices are based on the lowest price that I can find at the moment

Rest assured, i'll continue hunting & will get to my local wholesaler to see if I can get a better price break. ;)

Determined to get the cost down, as low as possible :)

KenK 9th May 2010 04:46 PM

Me too please, thanks

1: Bonzo

2: Tatey

3: Greasemonkey

4: KenK

Bonzo 9th May 2010 05:00 PM

Nice one KenK

I think One more & I will go ahead & order up .... I can then leave this offer open untill all 10 sets are gone :)

Now the good news

I have found a cheaper source for all of the fastenings except the longest bolts.

This stockist also has the Plastic nut covers at a very good price ( Some required fro IVA puposes )

Would folk like the appropiate nut covers included or would you prefer a lower, kit price ?

It would also be great if someone has an idea of exactly what nuts need to be covered .... It would be a real pitty not to order enogh if that's what folk want ;)

Tatey 9th May 2010 05:22 PM

Id prefer for the nut covers to be included please Bonzo. I'll need them eventually and I can't see it costing much extra.

I know for certain that the roll bar bolts need to be covered (however i wont be needing these as my roll cage will be fully welded in).

les g 9th May 2010 05:24 PM

Me too please, thanks

1: Bonzo

2: Tatey

3: Greasemonkey

4: KenK

5: les g & the nut covers please

Bonzo 9th May 2010 05:29 PM

You are dead right there Tatey, some nut covers will be needed for IVA

Being as I have managed to find a lower cost source for most of the fixings, i'll be able to include nut covers without increasing the original estimated cost of the bolt kit ( If that's what folk prefer ) :cool:

I'll have a study of some post IVA buid pics & see if I can work out what nuts need to be covered ;)

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