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vincenzo 13th May 2015 08:52 AM

Fully welded Chassis for sale!
Due to a change in circumstances, I am now looking to pass on the baton.
I have a fully welded chassis (from an Armoto kit) with suspension brackets, rad brackets and rollbar fitted.
An ideal headstart for someone!
I'm based in Herts.
Message me if interested.

dubzter 13th May 2015 07:05 PM

Just curious so what is an Armoto?

vmax1974 13th May 2015 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by dubzter (Post 100546)
Just curious so what is an Armoto?

Thank god for that I thought I was going stupid so didnt want to ask

MrFozzieBear 13th May 2015 07:43 PM

Armoto where one of the early companies to offer a pre-cut Box Section Chassis flat pack to weld yourself.
Was a very good quality kit.

dubzter 13th May 2015 08:27 PM

and the mystery is solved, would have got away with it as well if it wasn't for those pesky kids

rpjg1975 13th May 2015 09:08 PM

My chassis was an armoto kit.....seems moons ago when I first bought it :eek:

flyerncle 14th May 2015 12:41 PM

Jason,also did the whishbone jig.

rpjg1975 14th May 2015 07:00 PM

Used one of those too....was a bit charred by the end!

flyerncle 15th May 2015 08:14 AM

Bit of Haynes history,I have the first one as I gave him the dimensions for the jig,mine does resemble charcoal.

twinturbo 17th May 2015 04:48 PM

Yeah I remember them from ebay long long ago!!!


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