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jps 23rd August 2016 11:44 AM

The 'first' Haynes Roadster? - where is it?
Apologies in advance to the Mods - I posted on the 'completed cars' thread - but perhaps it is better with a separate thread... (also posted on LCB - apologies to those on here who have seen this already)...

In short - i'm on holiday in Dorset soon - and will be near the Haynes Motor Museum - I wondered whether they had the 'original' Haynes Roadster there - i.e. the one in 'The Book' which is painted yellow/red stripes. And if not, if anyone know where it was.

I understand that Chris Gibbs, who is credited with the chassis design/writing the book, had a stroke several years ago - and I get the impression from the book that MK were involved in the 'first' car in some ways too...

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