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twinturbo 17th June 2017 07:48 AM

Sumarise Where Your at...
So I thought this may generate some discussion.

Q1) How far along are you
Q2) How long since you last worked on the car
Q3) What are the major items to do
Q4) Whats holding you up

Q1) My chassis is fully trial fitted up and rolling, all the body work is mostly trial fitted and the seats have been test fitted. The dash was built including an ACEWELL cluster.

The 1.8CVH engine is in and has been run, the gearbox and prop are also in place although the rear gearbox mount needs finishing.

Rear lights are all done the mount for one front is 80% done.

Q2) November 2014 I think.

Roll Hoop
Final strip and reassembly

Stalled at doing the wiring, It's not that much of a job except when it comes to the dash which I think I counted 20+ wires to cram sort at the junction box. Since then Just been busy with other things and the garage has become an utter TIP!!


garyt 17th June 2017 08:49 AM

Ok here we go;
Q1; finished and on the road, well they are never really finished .....
Q2; always tinkering, just can't leave well alone
Q3; new build.... ooo arhhh
Q4; more funds lol
Seriously it was great building her and really enjoy driving her got tyres and handling and performance sorted but have started fiddling so looking to build something again , there are more ideas in my head lol

garyout 17th June 2017 11:08 AM


Q1 chassis all welded, seats fitted (Trial) engine, box and diff in, column in rad in was playing with pedal set up.

Q2 couple of months ago due to the hassle with panel supplies I have fallen out of bed with it shut the door and trying to forget about it :(

Q3 Everything

Q4 Funds!! Time!! a few hours in the week less so I don't make my boss so rich :D

Dave F 17th June 2017 11:18 AM

Q1) Rolling Chassis, engine in (temporarily) pedalbox just about completed

Q2) Did 3 hours Wednesday, 4 hours the week before, that was after a 3 month break #revitalised.

Q3) in order (maybe some overlap):
1. Fuel - tank fitting, copper, filter, rubber.
2. Engine - removal, Timing belt, water pump, some gaskets, painting, refitting
3. Brakes - copper, flexi's, handbrake cable securing
4. Cooling - Radiator, expansion bottle, pipes
5. Wiring - test while complete, remove redundant circuits, retest, fix inevitable problems, tidy up.
6. Bodywork - Trail fit, lights, remove, paint, refit, then drop something on my nice fresh body work - swear.

Q4) wife, Silly season at work, kids, wife, money, wife, time, kids

Ianr 17th June 2017 04:34 PM

Q1 Car built and IVA'd and on the road
Q2 About two weeks ago but...
Q3 - car will never be finished - hope to improve braking, mainly at the rear and get the balance better, then screen er wipers, sidescreens and half hood, then improve the cooling pipe routing so I can actually get at them. Then...
Oh and I've started gathering parts for my next build - a Midlana.
Q4 got to finish a house extension I started last September - then money

You would never believe this was my fourth car build - the first 3 were all before I was 21 and I am now an OAP (the middle years were taken up with work which I think is much over rated :-) )

alga 19th June 2017 07:37 PM

Q1) 4 years and 1 month on the road, 11300 km on the odometer.

Q2) I made a cone catcher about 4 weeks ago. It bolts to the bottom of the floor in front of the rear arches: https://goo.gl/photos/q95QWWqJZ8PPH7UE9 . Then a couple of days later I had to redo the alternator bracket AGAIN, cause the damn thing fell out after a sprint recon lap. https://youtu.be/vWEVcmj-dZE?t=3m56s

Q3) I have 2 conflicting directions: making the car more roadable and swapping ST170 on bike throttles in. Re roadability, greasing the PU bushings had an immense effect on the cars' ability to soak up road imperfections, but it only held for about a year and a half or so. But removing and greasing all the wishbones and bushings is a chore, so it doesn't get done. The other things are ordering a bigger silencer, as the exhaust noise really makes the head buzz after an hour of driving or so. Also, sidescreens should help a lot with wind buffetting. I have the steel frames done and one of them even has hinges mounted!

Re. ST170, I'm in the middle of lowering the sump since last spring or so, and I started mounting the GSXR750 throttles with 3d printed nylon adapters and trumpets this spring.

Q4) Mostly laziness and other hobbies.

norton 25th June 2017 09:34 AM

Q1) I think about halfway. I've broken the back of the major components though and now its bodywork, electrical and mechanical refinements.

Q2) Yesterday, sanding down some rear arches prior to polishing or more likely painting/wrapping.

Q3) The nose, bonnet and scuttle/dash, electrics and getting it running with a Megasquirt ECU.

Q4) A lack of money and time however I'm due to make my own scuttle and bonnet which will take some time to get perfect so will bridge the gap before more purchases can be made. I've never liked the idea of a fibreglass bonnet, I'd want to see metal when lifting the bonnet plus I want Caterham style louvres!

tkpm 25th June 2017 08:12 PM

Q1 - Nearing the end of the build.

Q2 - It's about 2 months since I worked on the roadster.

Q3 - I have to wire up all my gauges and sort a headlamp issue and get my wheel alignment set up done and final engine tune up and brake balance tested.

Q4 - Hopefully nothing now, as I've taken a weeks holiday to get everything done except the engine tune up.:D

Eternal 26th June 2017 12:13 PM

Q1) How far along are you:
Mechanically almost finished. Will be starting bodywork once brakes are finished.

Q2) How long since you last worked on the car:
1 month

Q3) What are the major items to do:
All bodywork, brake system, steering system finish

Q4) Whats holding you up:
Time and money

MikeB 24th July 2017 05:42 PM

Q1) How far along are you:
Nearly ready for IVA

Q2) How long since you last worked on the car:
last month

Q3) What are the major items to do:
Small tidying, IVA trim, New Exhaust Link Pipe

Q4) Whats holding you up:

20170507_123250 by mjb22001, on Flickr

jps 25th July 2017 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by MikeB (Post 105558)

20170507_123250 by mjb22001, on Flickr

A very motivating photo for me - I am also going full white bodywork (even front guards!) so this is a like a 'what to aim for' pic for me!

Q1) How far along are you
Bare painted chassis completed - think all the welding on that is done - 'simply' need to start panelling and fitting all the actual 'parts' onto it now..!

Q2) How long since you last worked on the car
Consistently - not since 2013, just after my son was born. Since then i've managed bursts of effort here and there but never got into the routine of weekly work on it - which is what I want to do.

Q3) What are the major items to do
The things I think are 'major' are fitting the bodywork well, fabricating the exhaust, all the wiring, and the final IVA 'prep'. I think the rest of the jobs are basically just bolting things in place and setting them up - and there is lots of advice on here and LCB about what to do - so I think of them as 'easy' jobs that I just need time for.

Q4) Whats holding you up
Time - Since 2013 we moved and then rebuilt our new house - I did a lot of labouring. And I had a son in 2013, and one in 2017. And i'm trying to get fit again. The hours run out.
Confidence - I over think every part of the build and really need to just commit to some decisions (like cutting the bottom lip off my GRP sides) and crack on.

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