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Josh 18th August 2007 06:52 PM

doner car
Assuming I use a single doner that is registered in my name, do I get to keep the registration number and the emisions regs that apply to that vechile (looking at a J reg siera!) I'm thinking of using a 2.0 zetec, so what I'll do is register the zetec in the siera before i break it for parts...


Chris Gibbs 18th August 2007 08:12 PM

You should get an age related plate.

That is, a J registration but NOT the donor registration.

This seems to be universal these days but the DVLA and VOSA are a law unto themselves!

Emissions would be tested on the age of the engine, which you would have to prove. Usually the log book will suffice but with a replacement engine you might need a letter from the manufacturer, which they can supply if you send them the engine number.


Chris :)

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