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thanasis kos 18th December 2009 10:45 PM

help with rear wishbones dimensions
I am trying to make the wishbones by myself.

Does anybody knows the correct rear wishbones dimesnions,?
because i am confussed by the book (i have the 2nd edition)
There is 2 different dimension at text and drawing

the donor car is a sierra 2.0i dohc (with rear brake disks)

thanks inadvance,

thanasis, kos island Greece

ozzy1 19th December 2009 05:33 AM

Go into the announcements section and there is a section on book ammendments that has the info on the rear wishbones.
If you are looking at the drawing for the jig on page 65 fig 5.15 the 465 dimension is incorrect and is 475 as listed in the text below it is the correct dimension.(475-50=425 which is the 391+33.7=424.7)
hope this helps

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