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ayjay 4th December 2013 10:14 PM

Dont forget to weld some tabs around the chassis to create earthing points;)

Eddy 21st April 2014 06:08 PM

Bank holiday progress
Managed to make a bit of progress this long weekend.

Finished all the welding (capping off open ends, rad mounts, Roll bar stay mounts, brake tabs etc) and painted with etch primer on the bare metal, followed by undercoat. Whilst that was drying I cut out the floor panel from a template I had made. Here it is offered up to the primered chassis:

Then I applied the top coat, waited for that to dry and started fitting the floor - 164 4mm holes drilled, floor removed, sikaflex applied, floor replaced and rivets installed:

Eddy 21st April 2014 06:15 PM

Then I spent today reassembling up to a rolling chassis:

Thanks to everyone on here and LCB who provided info about capping ends, which jigsaw blades to buy for cutting ali, advising buying a lazy riveter etc - All this information made the jobs this weekend as easy as possible

voucht 21st April 2014 06:34 PM

Looks very nice and tidy Eddy, congrats! Looks like you're on the right track :)

Eddy 24th June 2014 08:12 AM

I’ve been making a bit more progress lately.

Got a set of brake lines with (a lot of!) help from Sylvain – Excellent service and thoroughly helpful chap. The brake lines, despite seeing some very positive reviews on here, exceeded my highest expectations. Everyone that has seen them has commented how nice they are. I’ll get some decent pics when they are fully fixed in place.

I finally made a start on fixing them in the transmission tunnel along with the fuel line at the weekend:

Put it on its side to get access around the diff area to run the fuel line.

Clipped to ali strip in the tunnel

Then a diagonal towards the rear to run the fuel line around the bottom rails to the corner of the rear tub where the pump and filter will go

I’ve got plenty more p-clips to add, but its a start!

Also, bought AshG’s old bodywork/tank/dash etc off him, so its really starting to look like a car now:

None of it is fixed in place yet, but it makes me smile when I open the garage door!

Next up will be side panels, I think. Or maybe loom.

Enoch 24th June 2014 03:10 PM

That's all looking rather splendid, keep up the good work.

AshG 24th June 2014 11:14 PM

looking good. nice to see the bodywork on are you going to keep it black or paint it another colour?

Eddy 25th June 2014 09:38 AM

Whilst building, I'm going to keep it black - The garage is pretty small and it is constantly getting knocked/moved around. Its nice to not have to worry too much about damaging it, like I would with new fibreglass (or if I painted or wrapped it now).

When its finished I will look at options for paint or vinyl wrap. I'm quite liking colours similar to Porche's riviera blue at the moment, like this:


But I do change my mind a lot!

alga 27th June 2014 12:18 PM

In my experience the abuse the bodywork got during the build is nothing compared to what it gets during normal driving!

Eddy 2nd February 2015 07:43 PM

Hello all,

I haven’t updated for a little while, but have been steadily making progress in the background.

Since my last post I have:

Made the side panels
Made the rear panel
P-Clipped the front brake lines
Put the engine back together after having the head skimmed with new gaskets and a shortened sump
Finished off a few bits of welding – Added dowels to the column extension, a couple of bits on the peddle box, and made the inlet manifold
Mounted the radiator/fan and most of the plumbing

When I got to this point, I couldn’t resist the urge to bodge a few wires on, chuck in some fuel and see what happened when I turned the key.
Aside from being a bit of a child and wanting to hear my toy make some noise, it was quite important for me to give this a go – The engine hadn’t been started for 3 years and 5 months and it had been apart for 3 of those. It was also now using bike carbs with a bike fuel pump and running EDIS/Megajolt for the spark, both of which were untested. I really just want to know if it was all OK before going any further with the CVH lump.


I wired up the crank sensor, coil pack and EDIS (I am waiting on a TPS connector and usb to serial adapter for use with the MJ, so limp mode only for now). Took a lead out and used it with a spare plug to see if it was sparking – Nothing. Scratched head before realising I’d missed an earth off! With this attached there was spark.
Wired up the fuel pump. Gallon of fuel in the tank. Ignition on, fuel pump was initially loud, then quiet when it had primed the new lines. Turned the key only to have it turn over and backfire loudly. After this happened a few times, and following some more head scratching, I swapped the two wires to the coil pack over and turned the key. IT STARTED!!!

Obligatory video:


Since the video I have fitted the side panels, made an under scuttle panel to mount the loom to, fitted the nosecone, and fitted the proper exhaust.
The next steps for me are going to fit the rest of the bodywork and roll bar, tidy/permanently fix the wiring, and get back to the position where it starts again. Then I’ll be on the hunt for some shocks, a prop and some rear lights!

As it sits now:


Eddy 10th December 2015 01:31 PM

Afternoon all,

Another long gap since my last update. I’ve continued to make progress:

Fitted the front wing stays
Drilled and tapped the front hubs/mushrooms for a second fixing point
Fitted the rear arches with p trim
Fitted a prop
P clipped rear brake lines
Heat wrapped the exhaust manifold
Installed the rear lights
Roughly cut out the dash and boot panels
Made the rear bulkhead panel
Made a panel for the front of the scuttle
Probably a few other things I've forgotten!

A couple of reasons for this update though…..

I picked up some black Team Dynamics alloys (used to belong to Ben on here, who sold them to Bob on locostbuilders, who I got them from) and had them fitted with some Toyo T1Rs. I was hoping they would be a bit lighter than the Escort alloys they were replacing…. Escort alloy with worn ‘Camac’ tyre 14.7kgs, Team Dynamics Monza with new T1R 16.1kgs. I was a little disappointed that they weigh a little more, but I guess they are 6.5J wide as opposed to 6J and a little bit of weight in the trye. I do think they suit the car a lot better though.

I wrapped the side panels and rear panel in gloss black vinyl. The rear panel didn’t go too well – It was the first thing I’d ever tried to wrap. I pulled all the backing off in one go before placing it, which made it a bit of a nightmare - I have ended up with a crease under the fog light and another that will be hidden by the rear arch, but I think it is good enough for now. I am very happy with the side panels though – They came out really well and were surprisingly easy to do. I stuck a bit of the vinyl on towards the back of the car and left the backing on the rest, and once I adjusted the angle so I was happy that it was lined up all the way to the front of the car, I pulled the backing back on itself and the vinyl stuck to the aluminium as I went. After that it was just a case of smoothing out any bubbles with a felt edged bit of plastic before cutting and folding over the edges. It may have been easier with better quality vinyl and if my heat gun didn’t decide to set fire to itself at the start of the day, but for a total cost of £40, I’m chuffed with the results.

These are the pics I took as I was going, and one with the car reassembled, I’ll get some better ones when I can roll it out of the garage:

Next up, I’ll be making the transmission tunnel panels, finishing the roll bar, securing the tank and properly wiring everything up ready to start AND move under its own power.

SteveH1 10th December 2015 10:47 PM

Japers that looks good fair play
I also like the wheels.

Eddy 17th March 2016 01:42 PM

Getting some time to work on the car at the moment.
I have changed the main jets in the ZX6R carbs to 160s, checked the needle height and the circlip is sitting in the middle slot of 5, and adjusted the air/fuel screws to 2.5 turns out. Megajolt is connected up running a map I found online for a 1.8 cvh and bike carbs and the TPS has been calibrated.
It seems to start pretty well, especially when using the choke, but it boggs down a bit if you open the throttle quickly. It does get there if you open it slowly though. From reading some bike forums, this could be dirty idle jets - Anyone got any other ideas?

I did fill the cooling system, but had a load of leaks. I have bought a few new gaskets and blanked off a couple of take offs I no longer need, so hopefully I can have that sorted and get it running up to temperature to see if it is any better then.

In the mean time, a video:


Eddy 31st August 2016 01:31 PM

Another few months since my last update.

I have made some more progress:

Brake system filled with fluid (and inevitable leaks fixed!)
Short shift fitted
Bracket made for acewell speed sensor (magnet still needs to be fixed to prop)
Made a bracket for the bottom of the radiator and underside of nosecone
Fitted some 25mm hubcentric spacers/extended studs to the rear
Fitted some shocks purchased from Matt (rapidtornado)

Some pics as it stands now:

flyerncle 1st September 2016 08:51 AM

Try dropping the needles a notch/raising the needles a notch and dirty/blocked idle jets will give you no progression on to the main jet.

Nice car

Eddy 6th October 2020 04:21 PM

I can't believe it has been 4 years since my last update. I had been living and working a long way away from the build, but finally managed to buy a house with a garage (albeit very narrow!).

Following the widening of the garage door opening to its maximum to allow the car to fit in, I had the car transported up:

I have also written a 'to do' list to get the car finished as follows:

Roll Bar
Finish rear stays
Finish holes in roll bar
Drain and vent/remove fuel tank
Bolt roll bar to chassis – open up holes where needed
Tack weld rear stays in place and check bolt locations/aesthetics
Fully weld back stays
Use die grinder set to smooth all welds, then sand flush
Flapwheel/Acetone prep
Etch primer
Black Paint

T nut bolts through dash panel and fill any holes
Fit acewell and fog light switch aluminium panel with the right sized hole glued to dash panel
Router/rasp/sand edges
Seal with paint or varnish

Bolt on pulley to alternator
Measure belt size and buy

Sort out fast indicator flashing – LED relay or higher wattage bulbs
Rivet ali to frame and rivet cable tie mounts to ali
Cable tie electrics to mounts
Tidy electrics under scuttle
Create Earth points where required
Check reverse light switch and wire up handbrake switch
Redo fuse/relay panel – Maybe relay blanks in between the relays to spread them out for mounting
Work out horn with IVA steering wheel
Fuel gauge wiring should be checked
Check orientation of speed sensor
Araldite magnet to prop and cable tie
Wire in wideband lambda sensor
Properly route and shorten crank sensor
Shorten alternator cable
Wrap everything in conduit and loom tape

Make panel for passenger foot well
Finish Riveting panel behind seats to chassis with tiger seal, and tiger seal any exposed bits near diff
Fit transmission tunnel top and sides with gear and handbrake gaiters
Rivnut transmission tunnel sides
Make panel over pedal box, rivnut on to allow access
Work on panel under megajolt
Make engine side panel for scuttle fit nicely over fuses and relays/cabling/steering column
Remove Steering Wheel and fit Ford one
Fit battery tray
Rear tub tray – Make cut outs for roll bar, round edges with sander, make fixing points with countersunk screws and t nuts, seal with varnish/paint, cover
Tether fuel cap
Fit edge trim to seat belt holes

Put battery on charge
Clean out carb jets – Soak in carb cleaner overnight
Install alternator belt
Drain water, rinse through and replace with new
Drain old fuel and dispose
Get new fuel in Jerry can
Top up oil
Get megajolt working on laptop
Check TPS and map on megajolt
Wire up choke to bonnet release
Get it started, idling and up to temperature
Check for leaks and fix them
Check thermostat works
Check fan works
Balance carbs with syncronometer
Adjust needle height if necessary
Test charge from alternator
Fix fuel pump and drain out old fuel, leave lid off to vent tank
Fill gearbox and diff with oil (Gearbox oil - 75/90 semi synthetic GL4, Diff oil - GL5 "Hypoid" Gear Oil Ep75/90)

Fit lock nuts on diff mounts
Try and fit coil pack bracket or make new one
Add brace bar to engine bay and weld vin number on
Check brakes are working and bleed again if needed
Loctite on rear upright to hub bolts – Take a photo for the IVA man
Lock nuts on maxi ball joint etc
Adjust holes on alternator mount to clear inlet manifold and sit straight
Make further bit of alternator mount bracket and buy and install a belt
Bolt on front wings
Finish mounting rear arches with p trim and silicone, cut mounting bolts off with dremel
Fix seats in place
Make boot lid and cover
Bolt in place and fit lock nuts on pedal box
Drill hole in floor for brake pedal stop and install
Cut out and fix panel over pedal box and passenger footwell panels
Install battery tray and lock battery down
Pull through extended wheel bolts further
Second fixing point drill and tap on front left
Lock nuts to ball joints on front suspension (check thread on maxi ball joint with thread gauge)
Swap to lock nuts on all suspension including camber adjuster and rack extensions
Add Lock nuts to bottom of engine mounts
Adjust geometry and set ride height - Front: 5.5° caster, -2° camber, ~1° toe in. 110-120 mm ride height. Rear: 0 caster, -0.5° camber, 0 toe, 120-130 mm ride.
Have prop shaft balanced/tested

Plenty to be getting on with, but hopefully having the car at home will make it easier to get the little bits done when I get a spare hour here and there.



twinturbo 6th October 2020 09:21 PM

Looks like the garage was just about wide enough for an Austin 7, which used to be the minimum standard long after they had passed away.

Tatey 7th October 2020 09:33 AM

The car is looking good, it is always nice to move the car into a new home so you can actually work on it!

My car has now been in 5 different homes and moved 6 times...

I have seen people use wheel dollies when space in the garage is a bit tight as it allows them to push the car right against the wall to give some space to work around it:

https://www.sgs-engineering.com/wd4000-450kg-wheel-dollies-set-of-four?gclid=CjwKCAjwzvX7BRAeEiwAsXExo41JVRszyLcTnfK c0zCrcwhDGgzTy48KXPm80U0VjYR-EQYjH2FUahoCPhcQAvD_BwE

jps 16th October 2020 03:29 PM

A good list! I've got a similarly long list, and I think it's good to
a) work through ticking things off so you can see you're making progress
b) plan so you're not endlessly duplicating - at least any more than you do..!

Originally Posted by Tatey (Post 106633)
I have seen people use wheel dollies when space in the garage is a bit tight as it allows them to push the car right against the wall to give some space to work around it:

When I just had a bare chassis I had a rectangular frame of scrap 1mm 20*60 box with some castors on. I put a wooden pallet over the top, then the chassis on top of that - for exactly the purpose you describe. It helped a lot.

With the engine, box and diff now in I suspect it would struggle with the weight - but it's certainly a bit of a pain to push it in and out sometimes!

twinturbo 22nd October 2020 06:48 PM

mine has a little 4 wheel trolley under the rear. I have more room but it makes moving it much easier.

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