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Wain 31st July 2017 09:11 PM

Garages in Yorkshire to help get car IVA ready

Failed the IVA again today on emissions and brake balance again. Anyone recommend a good garage in Yorkshire (closer to Hull the better) to assist getting the car setup correctly?
Heard of some garages which can help get cars IVA ready and can test brake balance on their rolling road before its booked in again.

Ianr 31st July 2017 10:57 PM

Don't know what brake setup you have - mine is sierra front discs and sierra drums at the rear fed by an MX5 master cylinder and servo. To get the balance right I removed the rear sierra brake cylinders and replaced with Ford Ka ones.Physically exactly the same dimensions. Can't remember exact internal dimensions but the pistons inside are 2.2 cm? sierra and 1.7cm Ka which has the effect of reducing braking effort to the rears. I also kept the MX5 pressure regulator but one is also present on the sierra setup which simply inserts in the pipe line to the rear brakes. Both these measures kept my car well within the limits required by IVA for front rear balance.
Hope this helps

Wain 1st August 2017 06:32 PM

I have Wilwood calipers on the front and sierra on the back. Can never get enough efficiency from the handbrake and this time i took it for a retest, it didnt get tested as the inspector thought it was 'binding' so didnt try testing it, nor did he do a full balance test as he didnt test the back wheels.
If i warm the engine from cold i can pass the emissions but when i drive it there i always fail the emissions, also when it gets warm it starts to idle at 2000 revs.
Constantly tweeking it but still not road legal hence looking to get it in a garage who can get the brakes set right and take a look at the engine to get emissions down and figure out why it idles so high when its hot.

garyt 6th August 2017 02:53 PM

Hi first the idling when it's cold it's fuel rich (choke /cold start) as it warms its given less fuel so it sounds like you have an air leak induction side causing it to lean out and rev a bit
Hand brake, if it's a std sierra setup get a helper to pull the hand brake on , are the calliper hand brake mechs free or binding, are the cables moving before max pull
If you get rear brake efficiency/ lock with the pedal then it has to be the hand brake cables or mechanism on the. caliper
Good luck

Wain 23rd August 2017 01:58 PM

Think i have answered my own question here. As i have been trying to get the handbrake right for over the last year, i have found a garage a few miles from my house which specialises in kits and custom cars. They are reasonably priced and agreed to help get my car through IVA.
Bring on spring 2018! I will be at every show and gathering! 😀

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