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TalonMotorFabrication 5th May 2018 02:45 PM

Talon closed
I gave it a go but it's time to call it a day...
We sat down this morning and priced up what every thing costs to produce againsts the over heads ect.....

A 400 flat pack.......by the time you factor in every thing I'm out of pocket 17.50

I make 52 in labour on a full price set of front TMXR wishbones of 225 which I haven't sold at full price for over two years.

Any body care to guess how much money it costs to produce a chassis?? That's right on a 850-950 chassis it costs ME between 90-130....

I could put all the prices up but lets face it people are building on a budget no one is going to pay for some thing they can make in the garage.

I won't be back on here again this is my last post.

To my customers I enjoyed producing your orders I hope you where pleased with your parts, to the people who's money had to be refunded it's personal and complicated, to the one person who I owe GRP parts to I promise I'm working on it....

Thanks and I hope you all the best with your builds

Phil Eagle

Ianr 5th May 2018 02:58 PM

Gosh Phil - I am really sorry to hear that. I can understand where you are coming from and will now find it really difficult deciding who I could go to for the things you produced or who to now recommend to others.
The parts you have made for me have always been excellent, thank you.
Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

RandyBMC 7th May 2018 06:08 AM

I'm sorry to hear that Phil - I enjoyed working with you on my custom wishbones.

Hang in there!!! Life always has a new adventure just around the corner. You should know you are valued, even if it is outside this community (even though you are also highly valued in this community as well!).

Good luck to you in the future. If you ever need to vent, I'm available - you have my email address...


twinturbo 7th May 2018 06:52 PM

You stuck it out far longer than anyone else in a very difficult end of a difficult market, and with everything else going on too.

All the best, take care.


Numplumb 14th May 2018 02:52 PM

Hi Phil I'm sorry to hear your closing
As stated by everyone everything you made for me in the past was perfect, and thank you for the help you gave me to get back on the forum awhile ago.
I wish you well and hope you succeed in what ever you do next.
Regards Mick.

K4KEV 14th May 2018 04:07 PM

Sad day Phil, like others have said you stuck it out for a long time, but hey bills need to be paid, best of luck with whatever direction you choose to go bud.

MikeB 15th May 2018 12:11 PM

All the best phil, always happy with what you supplied.

garyout 16th May 2018 05:31 PM

Same here very happy with parts I have purchased it will be a shame not having your input

All the best.


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