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vmax1974 25th August 2015 03:20 PM

anyone scratch built a harness
I am thinking about having a go at making a new wiring harness from scratch and was wondering if anyone else has done this I have done one before for one of my race cars back in the day and just wanted to ask if anyone could tell me how many individual wires there is in a roadster

flyerncle 26th August 2015 08:09 AM

Get the Tiger one it goes straight on .

TalonMotorFabrication 26th August 2015 08:17 AM

I found out a few weeks ago that Tiger wiring looms are or where made in one of the units round the corner from my house, might be worth a chat see if they can get a few of the connectors etc.

vmax1974 26th August 2015 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by flyerncle (Post 101587)
Get the Tiger one it goes straight on .

To be honest its more about doing one myself

Stot 26th August 2015 09:23 AM

When I got the CBS fuse and relay module I did a Coreldraw map of my wiring at full size. This was for a megasquirted MX5 engined car, but I split it up by lights and engine on their own layers so I could measure the runs etc.

Ill try and dig it out when I'm at home.

What I did when I did do my rewire was just buy large reels of black cable in different gauges and a few packs of multicoloured shrink wrap and just put the same colour at the plug ends for identification.


flyerncle 26th August 2015 12:51 PM

Depends on what you use for an engine and what other goodies you intend to use.

Get some seven core for the rear lights and use trailer wiring code,and a few rolls of different coloured wiring and lay it out where it needs to go and Bob's your uncle,or nearly .;)

Stot 26th August 2015 08:40 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Attached to this post is a PDF of what I did. In Adobe Reader if you click on the 'Layers' icon on the left as shown in the image file you can turn on and off layers by clicking on the eyeball icon next to the layer.

Also here is an image showing the various wires I put on the plan. they are on top of each other so you would only 'see' the top one on the PDF



Ianr 26th August 2015 09:35 PM

I am adapting a stock MX5 Mk 2 loom at the moment and wish I had been able to make my own, I am sure it would be simpler - but - I am using the standard ECU which also has an immobiliser ECU and transponder key set up. I have not been able to find a complete UK wiring diagram but have got a selection of Miata ones which are different in a number of places. If I were to use an aftermarket ECU I am sure it would be relatively simple to make a loom up but not really if you want to keep costs down by using the old ECU's

Stot 27th August 2015 08:16 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Heres a version of a PDF where I offset all the wires so you can see all the runs on each layer.


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