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PorkChop 20th March 2018 06:59 PM

MX-5 NB front uprights & upper wishbones
After leaving my build in the garage for over 18 months, I'm trying to get my backside in gear and make some more progress on it :)

Currently looking at the front suspension, where I'm using MX-5 NB uprights and original SSC spec wishbones (M14 x 1.5 threaded inserts).

I'm trying to source a suitable ball joint to connect the upper wishbone to the upright. If I was using a NA upright, I could use the BMW 7 series track rod end that SSC suggested.

However, the upper mounting point on a NB is significantly thicker than an on the NA upright, meaning that the BMW TRE is really too short (I've mocked it up on the car as I already have the BMW TREs).

Has anyone come across an alternative ball joint that will fit the NB upright taper and have a M14 x 1.5 RH thread?


TalonMotorFabrication 9th April 2018 08:26 AM

Take the uprights and a BMW rod end to a machine shop and get them to remove some material where the nut sits, there's so much in that area it's not going to make any difference.

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