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jps 29th September 2018 06:26 AM

Is this an appropriate caliper position?
I've also posted this on Locostbuilders, so sorry to those of you reading it twice!

I've done lots of searching but there are plenty of threads with words on and precious few i've found with pictures!

Does this look like a workable way to position my Sierra calipers on my Haynes?

I'm assuming that the handbrake cable will come outwards parallel with the bottom wishbone and into the caliper from below. I'm assuming my brake line will come in parallel to the top wishbone - perhaps with a short piece of rigid pipe to go from the caliper to the upright.

I expect I will have to pivot the caliper upwards to bleed it correctly as the bleed nipple is slightly lower than where the brake line connects.

PS - this is the UK off-side / drivers side

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