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twinturbo 24th May 2010 06:22 PM

TwinTurbos Build Diary....
As some of you know, I am trying to resist touching the growing mountain of parts due to other projects that need finishing..

Our MK1 Golf is ready for the road after 29 months, It's not how I wanted it returned to the road but we need a second car as we have been struggling since the Mondeo Failed it's MOT in Jan.

My 1987 Sierra Sapphire, Needs to be ready for FordFair in Early August. I think this will just make it, but will not be finished

My 1989 XR4x4 Turbo Technics. Is on hold till everything else is done...

So I should not be working on the Roadster at all, but it got the better of me on Saturday/Sunday.. Whilst trying to look after the kids I also cleaned, sprayed and bushed up most of the wishbones. Not completed the job yet as I ran out of £Land spray cans. going to do a lot of layers. I did a bit of trial fitting. My Spax shox are going to need some new bushes by the looks as they seem to be 11mm DIA tubes, odd???

We pushed the chassis into the garage too on it's make shift trolly. I have started cleanign up the base rails for painting before fitting the floor, I will do this when the weather outside is no go for working on the other cars.

I am also picking up 3 spare V6's in a couple of weeks, one has just come out as a runner so this will be going in the roadster.


gingea1pom 24th May 2010 06:38 PM


Thatís great, I knew it would get the better of you,:D taking your lead I think I will sack the head light mounts and spray my wishbones also.

Good to see the build, of sorts, is progressing.

Cheers Ginge

twinturbo 24th June 2010 02:29 PM

No pics uploaded but. I Swung one of the spare engines over the bay. It was never going to fit as it still has the front 4x4 gear. However it looks like it shoudl go in ok. should be enoughlength too.

Trial fited the wishbones and came across an issue with the mounts, these will need easing as they are too narrow.

Chassis is now on it's side and the passenger chassis rails have been cleaned up and sprayed ready for cutting the floorpan ( 2mm Ali tread plate ) which I am going to cut down to length and widthish tonight.


twinturbo 24th June 2010 09:29 PM

Floors Phase 1.

Passenger floor almost cut, just the front side cut to do. I started with the Jigsaw but got a bit frisky and the blade got clogged with fused ali... So I went onto the trusty old Scorpion Repo Saw which actually did a pretty good job.

Only spent about half an hour as it was almost 9pm and don't want to annoy the neighbours.


davidimurray 25th June 2010 08:20 AM

Looking good TT - I've just cut my floor out and used a 1mm stainless cutting disc on the angry grinder as a few people suggested. I was amazed at how easy and controllable it was to cut the sheet. I'm actually looking forward to cutting the rest of the panels out :p

twinturbo 25th June 2010 08:45 PM

Clecos turned up, was going to bring the rivets , seal and drill bits back from work but I got stuck for 4 hrs trying to recover the e-mail of a user who deleted it ( we normaly don't bother ) and by the time I left the office the roadster bits slipped my mind.

But I had 1 4mm drill bit, so I have made a pilot Jig, it's only got two pilot holes at present I will add a few more to save having to move it over and over. And with that I have drilled 3 of the 100 Passenger holes and put in the wonderful Clecos... YAYA!!


Enoch 25th June 2010 08:51 PM

Bet it feels good to get started! The chassis looks good from the photos, it's nice to have a head start. glad to see your workshop looks a bit like mine, I was starting to get concerned with all the nice, tidy, empty ones that everybody else seems to have. Nice to know there are still some normal people in this world:D

twinturbo 25th June 2010 11:26 PM

Sort of feels good, but I feel bad about avoiding finishing the other car first. And this is supposed to involve the 6yr old so I need to set up build sessions to involve him so he does not get board with the boring tasks that I will have to do behind the sceens..

Anyway, Measured the rackmount and it seems it's to the revised design which is good news.


twinturbo 1st July 2010 09:36 PM

Ok, So we have had a setback or two. One is being rectified for me.

But the big one is that all the suspension brackets are too small, and some of them ( at least two rear ones ) are in the wrong place. So my bargain second hand chassis that required no work is going to need a little fetteling an£26 worth of brackets from Dave at Rouge.

So Whilst I wait for them to turn up, and for me to get the energy to sort them I am cracking on with the floors and tunnel..

This evening I marked out and cut out the passenger tunnel side, and then transferred the cut-out template to make the similar drivers ready for cutting out tomorrow..



Enoch 2nd July 2010 08:16 AM

Ooooh that's a bummer. Has someone used shock mount brackets by mistake?
I bought a lot of my brackets and wishbone bits from Rogue, they were all spot on and delivered very quickly. I figured it was not worth trying to make the suspension brackets considering how cheap they are to buy.

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