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Spikehaus 8th October 2009 09:48 PM

20 x 2 mm Seamless Wishbone Tube
Hi Gents,

Due to lots of people asking me for seamless tube over the last few weeks I have decided to start a new thread that may be of some help to all the new members to the forum. I am sorry for any new members that's I have not replied to on messages or replied to threads. However, things are getting back to normal and hope to read all posts again.

I have a large surplus of 20 x 2 mm seamless tube. A lot of commercial steel suppliers charge a lot for this, however I try to sell a fair price. If this is of some help to anyone please contact me.

I am not a trader, just simply have a large stock of this tube left over from a job from a guy who went bankrupt and never paid for his job!

I have listed this on ebay for ease.

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