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vmax1974 24th May 2017 06:05 AM


Originally Posted by alga (Post 105373)
What's the big deal with making a new set of moulds? Isn't that just 3 times or so more work than to make a set of panels? Nathan was already lamenting the poor state of moulds and was announcing plans of making a replacement set, but the moulds changed hands two times and each owner just keeps bitching about the crappy moulds.

I would have to make a master part then flat and paint then leave it for a few weeks then flat and polish that to perfection then add 15 coats of polish 20 mins apart then add flanges and barrier pieces then tooling gel then 2 layers of mat leave 24hrs another 2 layers then leave for 24hours and repeat 2 more times remove the flanges and barrier pieces then repeat the laminating process for the flange trim the whole mould drill the flanges then attempt to seperate the part leave it for a week then flat and polish the mould surface then 20 coats of polish 15 m8ns aparh then gelcoat add a single layer of mat leave to cure for 24 hours then remove and scrap that part to break the mould in so its not a 5 min job its closer to 10 times more work and a laminating table tied up for about 5 weeks per mould

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