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mr henderson 19th July 2009 10:06 AM

Just what should a 'complete chassis' consist of?
As some of you may already know, I work on kit cars full time, mostly finishing off kits that the original builders have run out of time, or patience, with.

Typical situation would be where somebody has been building a car for a few years, progress has been slow, it's a bit trickier than thery expected, they are busy at work, etc etc, and they just need someone to finish off the kit and get it on the road.

Anyway, I frequently find myself stuck on a build because I am waiting for parts, or waiting for a decision from the owner, or waiting for various other reasons, so I decided to build a car of my own, for eventual sale, so as to have something to do when other work is held up for some reason.

Having decided on the Haynes Roadster, I then looked into getting a ready made chassis. I wasn't able to find anyone who could supply one at a reasonable price or within a reasonable length of time, so realised that I would have to make it myself.

I used to be involved in chassis making, so I have been busy digging out all my equipment and updating some of it so as to improved the accuracy and speed of the assembly. The main jig consists of two large, heavy steel girders with various other steel parts welded and clamped to them, I don't use a build table as such. I use lasers for projecting centrelines and checking some of the distances. The stuff I use for cutting and preparing the ends is easily capable of matching the accuracy of the ready made chassis packs available, and has the advantage that I can modify the design dimensions if necessary.

Having gone to all this trouble, and having become recently aware of the difficulty in obtaining a ready-made chassis, I am now wondering if I should offer ready-made chassis to others. In order to know how much to ask, though, I have to know just what I am going to be supplying, in other words, just what is a complete chassis?

Normally I would think of a complete chassis as being the central assembly to which everything which needs to be welded to it has already been welded to it. So, obviously, things such as seatbelt mountings would be an integral part.

But what about the rollbar? That's bolted on, as is the pedal box, although both these sub-assemblies require welding.

Sorry to go on at such length, and thanks for reading this far. I thought the background would prove useful. So, what I would like to know is-

Just what would the people here expect to be included in a complete chassis? Oh, and by the way, if anyone knows of somebody who is already selling a complete chassis (and which is available within a reasonable length of time) I would be very interested, and would simply buy one and cancel my own chassis-making plans and get on with my car building plans.

flyerncle 19th July 2009 10:23 AM

3GE do one,and someone in clydeside is as well.
My idea of a complete chassis would have all the brackets fitted for suspension,steering,rad ,brake lines, roll bar inc and wishbones ready to bolt on.All you would have to do is fit hubs etc (available as a kit of course).

The idea of the Roadster is that " you " build it on a budget and the satisfaction I personally get from seeing a pile of metal growing all beit slowly into a car is indescribable. The day I can say to someone that ask's "Where did you buy it" will not come quickly enough and you know exactly what the answer will be.

There is a market for what you have in mind and something custom built to their spec is what some will be looking for.

Good luck.

slimtater 19th July 2009 11:00 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Personally, as someone who hasn't got the space, talent or equipment needed to build the cahssis, I would have liked the idea of getting something like the attached image (bar engine etc).
I had planned to buy an MK Indy at a simlar stage when I found my Roadster by good fortune, so ended up paying for a finished car.
If someone offered to build one to this stage with the customer supplied wheels, uprights, brakes, shocks, then that would be a great service.
Hmmmm, I have the wheels, brakes, uprights etc waiting......

mr henderson 19th July 2009 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by flyerncle (Post 18132)
3GE do one,and someone in clydeside is as well.

Unfortuntely 3GE have a waiting list of many months, otherwise I would probably have got one.

'Someone in Clydeside' is really a bit to vague to be of any real use to me, I'm afraid, but thanks anyway.

mr henderson 19th July 2009 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by AdrianH (Post 18143)
Clydeautomarine are building chassis for the roadster and looking at another post on here so are Talon Motor Sport, as well as Armoto and 3GE, so you have a few to chose from.

As to Clydeautomarine, I'm guessing that they did have in mind to offer chassis but for some reason or other haven't seen it through
certainly there has been no response to my request for pictures, and I have had PM's which suggest that there may be some kind of problem there

The Talon Motorsport thing really hasn't got going yet, as the guy himself says, he just doing market research at the moment.

3GE, as said earlier, have a very long waiting list, I was quoted nine months, so that's no good either

So that leaves us with Armoto. I was aware that they did ready cut chassis parts, but didn't know that they also offered ready made complete chassis. Are you sure? I would appreciate any information you have about that.

fabbyglass 19th July 2009 01:19 PM

If anyone is going to do a chassis then it should be treated like any other kit and shouldn't need any extra brackets welding on...buy it take it home and start bolting it together like a big meccano kit.

There are quite a few cars out there now that wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Uncle Ron's book, they have evolved from escort based Locost to Sierra and BMW based whatevers...has to be the easiest route into being a kit car manufacturer:D

Bonzo 19th July 2009 01:33 PM

My ten pence worth !!

I would class a complete chassis as one completed to the book spec or to the customers individual specs ( At extra cost ).

Requires no further welding. :) :)

Bolt on components. Roll bar, wishbones, painted or powder coated finish & the likes, all optional extras ;)

fabbyglass 19th July 2009 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by Bonzo (Post 18161)
My ten pence worth !!

I would class a complete chassis as one completed to the book spec or to the customers individual specs ( At extra cost ).

Requires no further welding. :) :)

Bolt on components. Roll bar, wishbones, painted or powder coated finish & the likes, all optional extras ;)


RAYLEE29 19th July 2009 02:49 PM

I would have to say that to me a complete chassis would be exactly that "complete" in other words ready to receive all the other components without use of a welder.
I dont want to teach granma to suck eggs, but would suggest you build a complete car first then build chassis to the same spec to sell as then you can be confident that nothing has been forgotten and all the bits fit.
Thats what i would do if i were to offer a chassis for sale as "complete"
Ray :)

fabbyglass 19th July 2009 02:52 PM

I agree there meduck a car must be built first to iron out any issues then jig it all up and productionise it all.

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