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eSteve 2nd June 2010 02:32 PM

Links to build diaries
Build diaries and galleries - Update: number 11 (3rd May 2011)

Forum members

AdrianH - Diary (CVH 1.8 + type 9)

aerosam - Diary (BMW V8 + BMW b'box [Borg Warner])

Airhead - Diary (MX5 DOHC 1.6 + MX5 g'box)

alga - Diary (2.0 Silvertop Zetec + type 9)

AshG - Gallery (Pinto 1.6 + type 9)

Bonzo - Thread (Zetec 1.8 + type 9)
Bonzo - Diary

CaptainCrash1971 - Blog (Pinto 1.8 + type 9)

car.mad - Thread (2.0 Zetec + MT75)
car.mad - Gallery

correl - Thread (Zetec ?? 4x4)

Davey - Diary (Cosworth V6 2.9 + TBs + MT75)

David_17 - Diary (?? + ??)

davidimurry - Gallery 1 (Pinto 1.8 + ??)
davidimurry - Gallery 2

DStanley1809 - Diary (I4 DOHC 2.0 + MT75)

Enoch - Diary (I4 DOHC 2.0 + MT75 5 sp.)

Eternal - Thread (Skyline 2.5 turbo + ??)

gaz05 - Diary (2.0L zetec and type 9)

gingea1pom - Gallery (CVH 1.8 + type 9)
gingea1pom - Thread

GraemeWebb - Gallery (BMW 318)

Headshot - Diary (Zetec ?? + ??)

James3004 - Diary (ZVH 1.8 turbo + MT75)
James3004 - Gallery

Josh - Gallery (Zetec 2.0 + MT75)

K4KEV - Thread (Nissan 200sx ca18det engine and box)

michael92 - Thread (Vauxhall x25xe + Omega mv6 box)
michael92 - Gallery

raceral - Gallery (GM 3.4 V6 + BW WC)

RAYLEE29 - Gallery 1 (Pinto 2.1 + MT75)
RAYLEE29 - Gallery 2

skov - Build diary (MX5 donor)
skov - Gallery

ssh120m - Blog (Zetec 2.0 + type 9)

Spikehaus - Gallery 1 (Cologne V6 2.8 MFI + Type 9)
Spikehaus - Gallery 2
Spikehaus - Gallery 3

Tatey - Diary (Zetec 1.8 pre '95 + ??)
Tatey - Thread

Twin - Diary ( 2lt twincam carbs, MT75 box)

TwinTurbo - Diary ( Cologne 2.9 V6 + ??)

7ishNZ - Thread (Yamaha R1 1.0)

Non-forum members(?)

Beardy John - Diary
Hugo Wilson - Diary (Pinto 1.6 + ??)

Post on this thread to:

1. To be added to the list. Post URL, engine type and size, and gearbox type.
2. To add information where "??" (indicates unknown) is shown.
3. If any links need correcting i.e. are incorrect or have become dead.
4. Point out any other errors/omissions
5. Suggest improvements

Above the following line will be kept current as we get more information on diaries and galleries.
Below the following line is my original post that started the thread.

I, now and again, have a trawl of the Internet for Haynes Roadster build diaries. To have a read of what others are doing

and to look at pictures of their builds. I have also learnt a lot from Ash's build in CKC, and find reading and seeing

other's builds an inspiration and good for picking up tips too.

I have two here:

Beardy John - http://www.beardyjohn.com/index.html
Diary of a Roadster (Kit Car) - http://www.tamarisktechnicals.com/pages/roadster.html

The first seems to be dorment, no recent posts
The second is very comprehensive

Maybe forum members might like to post links to other Haynes Roadster builders' diaries that they've found on this thread,

then we can build up a list of diaries.

I'd be happy to colate the thread now and again so as all the links are in a single post.

I've also come across some very comprehensive Locost build diaries, from stripping the donor to IVA, should we include these,

or try and make it Haynes only?

What do you think?

P.S. Just found owner of Tamarisk Technicals site - after having a crusie round Locost Builders, it's AdrianH!

davidimurray 2nd June 2010 03:47 PM

All my pictures can be found here -

My Build Pics Gallery 1
Gallery 2

Around 400 pics in total and I normally update every week or so. I try and take pics of some of the less interesting bits so may be of use to some builders. High quality copies of any of the pics available on request (in total I got 1.2gb of pics of the build!!)



Headshot 2nd June 2010 03:56 PM

I have just started one, Nothing to see yet though, but thought I had best post up to keep me moving :D

Planning on using 1.8 cvh


gingea1pom 2nd June 2010 05:52 PM


Had a look at your blog and appreciate it is early days, are you planning to get pictures up on there? We like pictures.:D

Also, poking my nose in now, you could put a link in your signature then we could always find the blog.;)

Steps back into the shadows!:o

Cheers Ginge

AshG 2nd June 2010 05:59 PM

The link to all my build pictures is below they include all the ones that were not published in the magazine

Spikehaus 2nd June 2010 06:52 PM

All of mine below:

Headshot 2nd June 2010 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by gingea1pom (Post 39385)

Had a look at your blog and appreciate it is early days, are you planning to get pictures up on there? We like pictures.:D

Also, poking my nose in now, you could put a link in your signature then we could always find the blog.;)

Steps back into the shadows!:o

Cheers Ginge

Will be doing (don't think my bird shit practice welding is going in though...... seriously hit a downer when I realized my welding skills have gone :( )

Davey 2nd June 2010 07:13 PM

Link to my build site in my sig below.


Enoch 2nd June 2010 09:38 PM

Mine is at www.deepfolly.co.uk
Google does not list it yet for some reason. Must look in to that.....

eSteve 3rd June 2010 10:09 AM

Build diaries - update
Collating what we have so far:

Forum members

AdrianH - http://www.tamarisktechnicals.com/pages/roadster.html

AshG - http://s707.photobucket.com/home/ashgardiner/allalbums

Davey - www.cossie.davenewell.co.uk

davidimurry - Gallery 1 - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...4&l=779053510f
davidimurry - Gallery 2 - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...4&l=a9831a9319

Enoch - www.deepfolly.co.uk

gingea1pom - Build Pictures
gingea1pom - Build Thread

Headshot - http://headshotsroadster.blogspot.co...1_archive.html

Spikehaus - Gallery 1 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/29404787@N03/
Spikehaus - Gallery 2 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/41021922@N03/

Non-forum members(?)

Beardy John - http://www.beardyjohn.com/index.html

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