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garyout 13th June 2020 04:28 PM

Immobiliser wiring
Afternoon all

So I am in the middle of sorting loom out I now have a big pile of wiring that I wont be using now lights etc as I will be making my own when I suddenly thought b***ox I have cut wiring for immobiliser :eek:

Now I have the wiring coming from key reader to the magic box but I am left with,


I haven't a clue were they go its a 99-2000 hope some one out there can help


bentovey 14th June 2020 09:16 AM

Hi, Iím just working my way through my loom now. I havenít got to the immobiliser yet but I made a real hash of the hazard light switch. What I did was buy that section of the loom again from a breakers with all the connectors in place swap over all the relays and switches and start again. The replacement section was about £20 inc postage.
Hope this is of some use

garyout 15th June 2020 09:56 PM

Evening Ben

Didn't really want to go with getting a loom but I guess if no on has one to hand to check wires then hay ho, Plus I really want to go after market ecu later on so no immobiliser. new ecu might have to come sooner rather than later


twinturbo 2nd July 2020 10:14 PM

I will be going with a speeduino ecu if i ever get past IVA on the carbed CVH engine

garyout 4th July 2020 04:28 PM

Afternoon all

That was my plan go megasquirt or alike after test but as funds are a bit short I was just going to get it running with standard ecu but cocked up cutting out wiring.

Has any one used a racing electronics ecu?? quite cheap on fleabay but can not find a review on them


twinturbo 4th July 2020 04:51 PM

The MadCod?

It's a customised speeduino board. I had one for a few months but other projects meant it was not going to get used and I sold it to fund a bit of my Modular Synth...

It seemed well made and the guy behind them is very helpful.

My only issue was that I loaded a new firmware not realising that their firmware is a tailored version of the speeduino code.

I have spent the last 6 months soldering projects for my synth, so building a Speeduino will be childs play now.

garyout 22nd July 2020 03:20 PM

Afternoon Turbo

Madcod is that the guy that builds these ECU's?

Well i have managed to get the wiring for my key reader etc so i can now wire that up and get the old girl running but i still dont want to spend near on £700 on an ECU later on (tight git)

Are they any good these speeduino ECU's

Cheers Gary

Numplumb 23rd July 2020 04:39 PM

Hi Gary if you download Speeduino, it tells you all about how to use Speeduino etc.
Also you can get full kit of parts on EBay to connect to mx5 loom etc for around £100.
You can download Tunerstudio that allows you to set up the software.
I built one awhile ago now, set it up temp and the car started up and ran ok, they update the software all the time and you can download it.
Regards Mick.

twinturbo 25th July 2020 05:07 PM

race electronics will be able to help out, i think they do a plug and play mx5 version.

bentovey 25th July 2020 07:04 PM

Do race electronics have a website?

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