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adrianreeve 17th April 2008 05:01 PM

I'm trying to work out how to keep an age related plate.

If I have a donor sierra, which I do, with the V5, can I use bits from other Sierras, and still get an age related plate? I was wondering how the DVLA would know whether the steering column came from one sierra, and the rear discs from another?

Any help much appreciated



Chris Gibbs 18th April 2008 01:35 PM

So long as the engine number matches the V5 then you should be fine.

If you think about it you could have fitted parts from a hundred different cars when the car was in daily use. It wouldn't have affected the vehicle identity.

If it makes you feel better, get all the parts together, fit them to your donor and then take them off!

As you say individual parts without a serial number are impossible to determine the origin of.

The SVA guys like pictures especially the seat belt mountings (Which are out of sight, of course) but the main reason they ask is to see what your garage is like.

No, really.

If you're claiming Amatuer built status and you seem to work in an industrial unit with fifteen similar cars in the background, they might be a little dubious.


Chris :)

adrianreeve 18th April 2008 01:55 PM

Cheers Chris

So my understanding is that if I wanted to fit a Zetec into my car and still get an age related plate, I should first 'fit' it into my donor car, inform the DVLA of the engine number change, get the amended V5, then present that come registration time?

Sounds good to me.



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